What is Mercurius used for in homeopathy?

What is Mercurius used for in homeopathy?

Mercurius solubilis (Merc. sol) is a commonly used homoeopathic remedy for mouth-throat infections, catarrh, eye, ear infections, and fever. In homoeopathy, Merc. sol is also known as quicksilver or black oxide of mercury.

What is Merc Cor?

SBL Mercurius Corrosivus Dilution 30 CH is a homoeopathic remedy that is used in treatment of various ailments. It helps in the treatment of tonsils and painful throat. It provides effective relief from burning pain accompanied with swelling in the ear.

What is Kreosotum used for?

SBL Kreosotum Dilution is a multipurpose homeopathic tincture which can be used to treat several health complications. It is primarily effective in treating digestive disorders including diarrhea and nausea caused due to consumption of contaminated food.

What is aloe Socotrina for?

SBL Aloe Socotrina Dilution is an effective homeopathic remedy which is primarily used as an energy booster to relieve fatigue and exhaustion. It is especially useful for aged people and for those who excessively indulge in intoxicants and can also be used to treat severe conditions of headache.

What is APIS Mellifica 30c used for?

Apis mellifica is used for minor burns with an excessive amount of erythema, swelling, and pain. The pain is relieved by the application of ice-cold compresses. If clinically indicated, the patient must seek care at an emergency care facility without delay.

What is Kreosotum made of?

The OTC potency range of KREOSOTUM is 6x–30x, 3c–30c, 200c, 1m, 10m, 50m, and CM….Drug Label Information.

Active Ingredient/Active Moiety
Ingredient Name Basis of Strength Strength

How is Merc sol prepared?

Mix the nitric acid with 235 ml of the purified water in a flask and digest the mercury in mixture, applying a gradually increasing heat until about 70 g of the metal have dissolved and a small portion of the solution diluted with about twenty times its bulk of Purified Water yields a perfectly black precipitate with …

What is colocynthis used for?

colocynthis is used as a remedy for gastrointestinal disorders like indigestion, gastroenteritis, and intestinal parasites (Hussain et al., 2014). The plant is also used to treat diabetes, liver problems, weak bowel movements, and obstruction or paralysis of the intestine (Rahimi et al., 2012).

How do I use Mellifica 200 Apis?

Information about SBL Apis Mellifica Dilution 200 CH SBL Apis Mellifica Dilution acts on mucous membrane and skin with swelling and effusions. It helps against swelling in inner linings of certain organs and membranes. It is also a good medicine for treating kidney inflammation and certain skin ailments.

Is staphysagria toxic?

The staphysagria plant is toxic, and there’s a lack of evidence to support its use. That said, remedies made from it are so heavily diluted that they shouldn’t be harmful if properly prepared.

What is the use of Argentum Nitricum?

SBL Argentum Nitricum Dilution is an effective homeopathic remedy which is primarily used for the treatment of disorders of central nervous system . It improves loss of muscle co-ordination associated with nervous system disorders and other symptoms related to it including disorders of the brain and spinal cord.

What is Calendula mother tincture?

SBL Calendula Officinalis Mother Tincture is a multipurpose health tonic which is used for the treatment of numerous health complications including rheumatic pains, mouth ulcers, keloids and for the treatment of wounds. It promotes quick healing of injuries and diaphoretic and antiseptic properties.