What is mode in IRC?

What is mode in IRC?

The /mode command changes the mode of the specified channel or nick. Channel modes can typically only be changed by a channel operator. Nick modes can typically only be changed for your own nick, though some are set by the server and cannot be changed.

How do I become an IRC operator?

A user can become an operator by sending the command /oper to the irc server he or she currently is on using a pre-selected username and a password as parameters. The command only works for the server which has the proper O-line in its IRCd configuration file.

How do you become invisible on IRC?

There are two modes you can use to hide your channel: +s, for a secret channel; and +p, for a private channel. Originally (that is, in earlier days of IRC), there was a difference between these two modes.

How do I ban in mIRC?

The /ban command is used to ban someone from a specific channel using their address. If no channel specified mIRC will use the active channel window. Using the -k switch mIRC will also kick the user with a kick message. mIRC uses the /userhost server command to find the user’s address before applying a ban.

How does freenode work?

Freenode is centrally managed. Staffers or staff (as IRC operators are called) have the same access across all servers. Some operations that would normally only apply to one server (such as K-lines) are propagated across the whole network. Servers are donated to the network, rather than linked.

How do I send a private message on IRC?

IRC Private Messages

  1. Basics. You can send a private message to another user with the ā€œ/msgā€ command, followed by the user’s name and the message.
  2. /invite.

How do you drop a nick on IRC?

Syntax: /msg NickServ DROP [nickname] Drops your nickname from the NickServ database. A nick that has been dropped is free for anyone to re-register. You may drop a nick within your group by passing it as the nick parameter.

How do I set up UnrealIRCd?

If you are on Windows, be sure to select either Win32 or Win32-SSL. 2. Installing Run the installer. Get the .tar.gz file on your shell by either uploading it with FTP, or using WGET (or simmilar). Answer the questions. When that completes, run: 3. Required Configuration Configuring UnrealIRCd takes time and effort.

How to use LoadModule in UnrealIRCd?

With loadmodule you tell UnrealIRCd to load a particular module. See Modules for more information. Normally you put include “modules.default.conf”; in your unrealircd.conf and only use loadmodule directly for loading 3rd party modules (if any).

What is the block-based format used in UnrealIRCd configuration files?

Other than that, it is mostly meant for reference as reading everything would be too long to read. UnrealIRCd configuration files use a block-based format. Each entry or block has a specific format. The format works like: { ; }

What permissions does UnrealIRCd have for operclass?

See the Operclass permissions article for an overview and the full list of 100+ permissions that are available. UnrealIRCd ships with a number of operclass blocks, these are in the file operclass.default.conf. You can use these for inspiration or just use them directly from your Oper block . locop: this has the least amount of privileges.