What is multi level partitioning?

What is multi level partitioning?

Multi-level partitioning can be used to overcome the limitation of single-level hash partitioning and range partitioning, that is, the limitation of only being able to use key columns as partitioning columns. Multi-level partitioning makes it possible to partition by a column that is not part of the primary key.

What is SPO in SAP BW?

In SAP BW 7.3 SAP surprised the developers with a very nice InfoProvider, which shortens the initial implementation effort and makes the post maintenance easier. It is called Semantically Partitioned Object (SPO) and is an InfoProvider that consists of several InfoCubes or DataStore objects with the same structure.

What is semantically partitioned object?

Semantically partitioned object is an InfoProvider that consists of several InfoCubes or DataStore objects with the same structure. Semantic partitioning is a property of the InfoProvider. We specify this property when creating the InfoProvider.

Can we do partition on multiple columns?

Multi-column partitioning allows us to specify more than one column as a partition key. Currently multi-column partitioning is possible only for range and hash type.

How do I choose a partition key?

Choosing your partition key

  1. You should pick a property that you do not update later.
  2. The partition key should be a property that exists in every document in the container.
  3. The partition key property should have a large range of possible values.
  4. The value of the partition key can be of string or numeric types.

What is the difference between hash distribution and round-robin distribution?

Hash-distribution improves query performance on large fact tables, and is the focus of this article. Round-robin distribution is useful for improving loading speed. These design choices have a significant impact on improving query and loading performance.

What is InfoSet SAP BW?

Infoset in SAP BI Infosets are defined as a special type of InfoProviders where the data sources contain a join rule on the DataStore objects, standard InfoCubes or InfoObject with master data characteristics. Infosets are used to join data and that data is used in the BI system.

What is the use of InfoSet?

InfoSets are InfoProviders that allow you to analyze data in several InfoProviders by using combinations of master data-bearing characteristics, InfoCubes, and DataStore objects. The system uses joins to bring together information from the tables of the relevant InfoProviders.

What is PartitionKey in Cosmos DB?

Partition key is the JSON property (or path) within your documents that can be used by Cosmos DB to distribute data among multiple partitions. Partition key decides the placement of documents. All the documents belonging to the same partition value of partition key are group together into a logical shared partition.