What is non-canonical pathway?

What is non-canonical pathway?

The non-canonical NF-κB pathway is an important arm of NF-κB signaling that predominantly targets activation of the p52/RelB NF-κB complex. This pathway depends on the inducible processing of p100, a molecule functioning as both the precursor of p52 and a RelB-specific inhibitor.

What is difference between canonical and non-canonical pathway?

The canonical pathway is defined by the intracellular accumulation of β-catenin, and its resulting translocation to the nucleus where it regulates expression of target genes. The non-canonical pathway is defined by its β-catenin-independent actions ranging from intracellular signalling and expression of target genes.

What does Canonical mean in biology?

In general, canonical in biological research refers to established pathways with common or standard features. When researchers find a new feature in an established pathway that does not fit into the canonical model, it is referred to a non-canonical.

What does the Wnt signaling pathway do?

The Wnt signaling pathway is an ancient and evolutionarily conserved pathway that regulates crucial aspects of cell fate determination, cell migration, cell polarity, neural patterning and organogenesis during embryonic development.

What are non-canonical proteins?

Non-canonical proteins are encoded by both ostensibly non-coding ORFs and canonical ORFs in +1 or +2 reading frames. Accumulating evidence suggests that, far from representing translational noise, non-canonical proteins often exhibit critical and diverse cellular functions (Chen et al., 2020; van Heesch et al., 2019).

How many non Canonicals are there?

Some of the material is known as Gnostic material; some is not. Author Ron Cameron has broken the 16 non-canonical works into two broad categories: Traditions of the Sayings of Jesus and Traditions of Stories About Jesus.

What is non-canonical?

Definition of noncanonical : not relating to, part of, or sanctioned by a canon : not canonical noncanonical literary works.