What is November 5th Anonymous?

What is November 5th Anonymous?

The Million Mask March, also known as “Operation Vendetta”, is a worldwide, annual protest associated with the hacktivist group Anonymous occurring annually on Guy Fawkes Day, 5 November.

What is the Million Mask March 2021 London?

Million Mask March protesters in Guy Fawkes masks clash with police outside Parliament on Bonfire Night with 12 arrests. Demonstrators wearing Guy Fawkes-style masks burned an effigy of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

What is the Million Mask March protest?

Since then, the Million Mask March protests have rallied against government corruption, lockdown restrictions, and inequality and homelessness. Protesters wear Guy Fawkes masks inspired by the graphic novel and film V for Vendetta.

When was the Guy Fawkes mask made?

The Guy Fawkes mask first gained international attention when it appeared in September 2011 as part of the Occupy Wall Street protest.

Why is Anonymous Guy Fawkes?

Anonymous say the mask represents a ‘unifying symbol against the forces that still promote discrimination, corruption, injustice, and oppression in any form in our society today’. According to their website: “The mask stands for stamping out oppression.

Is there a riot in London today?

There are currently no protest related traffic diversions across London.

How many arrests in London protest?

Seventy people were arrested during a spate of Extinction Rebellion protests across London. Six people, including two Olympic athletes, were detained for scaling and gluing themselves to an oil tanker near Hyde Park on Saturday, police said.

Was Guy Fawkes a hero?

Even Fawkes himself has taken on new meaning, becoming best known around the world not as a would-be religious extremist and terrorist, but as a populist hero.

Is Anonymous a criminal?

It is not illegal to join Anonymous because you cannot join. Officially, there is nothing to join, although the collective does provide instructions on joining.

What started London riots?

The 2011 riots emerged out of a peaceful march to demand information about the death of Mark Duggan, a black man from Tottenham, north London, who had been shot dead by the police on August 4. There are varying accounts of what precisely triggered the outbreak of violence.

How many police were involved in the London riots?

According to witnesses, they had been protecting their community and local businesses from looting and destruction. An extra 1,700 police officers were deployed in London and more than 400 people were arrested.

How many people attended the Extinction Rebellion protest?

At least 10,000 people congregated near the rallies since they began on Sunday. Currently, 196 people have been arrested on suspicion of a variety of offences.

How many people Extinction Rebellion?

It has a membership of over 1000 (with around 150 taking direct action).