What is Oracle ODI used for?

What is Oracle ODI used for?

Oracle Data Integrator is a comprehensive data integration platform that covers all data integration requirements: from high-volume, high-performance batch loads, to event-driven, trickle-feed integration processes, to SOA-enabled data services.

What is ODI package?

The Package is the largest unit of execution in Oracle Data Integrator. A Package is made up of a sequence of steps organized into an execution diagram. Each step can either succeed or fail its execution. Depending on the execution result (success or failure), a step can branch to another step.

What are the components of ODI?

The ODI architecture relies on the following components that collaborate together:

  • Repositories.
  • ODI Studio and User Interfaces.
  • Design-time Projects.
  • Run-time Agent.
  • ODI Console.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control.
  • Management Pack for Oracle Data Integrator.

What is meant by Oracle 11g?

Version 11g of the Oracle Database, which included built-in testing for changes, the capability of viewing tables back in time, superior compression of all types of data and enhanced disaster recovery functions. The “g” stood for “grid computing,” which supports clusters of servers that are treated as a single unit.

Is ODI a middleware?

The Oracle Data Integrator platform integrates in the broader Fusion Middleware platform and becomes a key component of this stack. Oracle Data Integrator provides its run-time components as Java EE applications, enhanced to fully leverage the capabilities of the Oracle WebLogic Application Server.

What does a ODI developer do?

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is an Extract, load and transform (ELT) (in contrast with the ETL common approach) tool produced by Oracle that offers a graphical environment to build, manage and maintain data integration processes in business intelligence systems.

How can I get job in ODI?

Scheduling the ODI Scenario

  1. In Topology Navigator, open: Physical Architecture > Agents > localagent. Click Test to verify connection to ODI agent, as shown below.
  2. Expand the PRD-create-populate-table procedure.
  3. On the screen that follows, select the agent where the scheduled scenario will run: localagent.

What is ODI console?

ODI provides a plug-in, as well as the ODI Console to manage and monitor the Java EE and Standalone Agents, that integrates with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and Oracle Fusion Middleware Control Console. It allows you to drill down into the details of ODI components and sessions.

What is ODI interface?

An interface in Designer consists of a set of rules that define the loading of a datastore or a temporary target structure from one or more source datastores.

Is Oracle ODI free?

Oracle Data Integrator Pricing Overview They do not have a free version. Oracle Data Integrator does not offer a free trial.

How do I run a scenario in ODI?

Create a New ODI Scenario with Oracle Data Integrator Start ODI Designer: Start > Programs > Oracle > Oracle Data Integrator > ODI Studio . Select WORKREP1 from the Login Name drop-down list if not already selected. Enter SUPERVISOR in the User field and SUNOPSIS in the Password field. Click OK to login.

What is ODI studio?

Oracle Data Integrator Studio is a developer’s interface for configuring and managing ODI. Studio is installed as part of standalone or enterprise option under the specified ORACLE_HOME. ODI Studio provides four graphical Navigators for managing ODI artifacts: Designer, Operator, Topology, and Security.