What is Outrec fields sort?

What is Outrec fields sort?

JCL – SORT OUTREC Fields The OUTREC control statement allows you to reformat the input records after they are sorted, merged, or copied. You can create the reformatted OUTREC records in one of the following ways using unedited, edited, or converted input fields.

What is the difference between Inrec and Outrec in sort?

INREC: Specifies how records are reformatted before they are sorted, copied, or merged. INREC is useful in case of large input file. OUTREC: Specifies how records are reformatted after they are sorted, copied, or merged. Final output will be the same.

How do you use SUM fields in sort?

JCL – SORT SUM Fields The SUM control statement specifies that, whenever two records are found with equal sort or merge control fields, the contents of their summary fields are to be added, the sum is to be placed in one of the records, and the other record is to be deleted.

How do you add spaces in Outrec fields?

You can use X or 1X to specify a single blank. You can use nX to specify n blanks.To insert 10 blanks, write 10X before the first field. To insert 5 blanks, write 5X between the two fields. Inserting Zeros is similar to space but in place on X use Z .

What is overlay in sort JCL?

Module 8: JCL Sort & Merge It is used to reformat each record by specifying just the items that overlay specific columns. Overlay lets you change specific existing columns without affecting the entire record.

What is ZD In sum fields?

Designates numeric fields in the input record as summary fields. specifies the length in bytes of the summary fields to be added….SUM control statement.

Summary Field Formats and LengthsFormat Code Length Description
ZD 1 to 31 bytes Signed zoned decimal

What is splice in Icetool?

SPLICE operator joins specified fields together from records with the same values (duplicate values) but with different information in other areas. It combines specified fields from two or more records to create an output record. The fields to be joined can originate from different datasets.

How do you SORT in JCL?

To use DFSORT directly (JCL-invoked), write a SORT control statement to describe the control fields, and the order in which you want them sorted. The control statements you write are part of the SYSIN data set in the JCL.

What is Inrec overlay in SORT?

INREC OVERLAY operation is used in order to rewrite data in input file before copying to output.