What is password configuration?

What is password configuration?

A password policy is a configuration of a set of attributes, which an administrator defines from the Access Governance Core module. Password rules are triggered by the password policy that you configure in the Password Policy tab.

What is the purpose of a password policy?

A password policy is a set of rules designed to enhance computer security by encouraging users to employ strong passwords and use them properly. A password policy is often part of an organization’s official regulations and may be taught as part of security awareness training.

Where can I find my Password Policy?

Navigate to Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Account Policies -> Password Policy.

What are typical password requirements?


  • At least 12 characters (required for your Muhlenberg password)—the more characters, the better.
  • A mixture of both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • A mixture of letters and numbers.
  • Inclusion of at least one special character, e.g., ! @ #? ]

What is the standard password format?

Passwords shall have a minimum of 10 characters with a mix of alphanumeric and special characters; if a particular system will not support 10 character passwords, then the maximum number of characters allowed by that system shall be used.

What is password format?

Uppercase and lowercase letter (A, z) Numeric character (0-9) Special character (any character your environment will accept that is not an uppercase or a lowercase letter or a numeric character — for example, !, %, @, #, and so on)

What is password history?

Password history determines the number of unique new passwords that have to be associated with and used by a user before an old password can be reused again. This enables administrators to enhance security by ensuring that old passwords are not reused continually.

How do I find my Password Policy?

To view the password policy follow these steps:

  1. Open the group policy management console.
  2. Expand Domains, your domain, then group policy objects.
  3. Right click the default domain policy and click edit.
  4. Now navigate to Computer Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Account Policies\Password Policy.

What does the number in the enforce password history mean Step 5 )?

Answers. Password history determines the number of unique new passwords a user must use before an old password can be reused. The value of this setting can be between 0 and 24; if this value is set to 0, enforce password history is disabled.