What is pay Band 3 NGA?

What is pay Band 3 NGA?

Salary/Pay Bands

Pay Band Minimum Maximum*
1 $20,172 $52,616
2 $38,503 $70,883
3 $56,983 $110,993
4 $81,216 $131,162

What pay scale does nga use?


Base Salary Range
Pay Band Band Min Salary Growth Potential**
Band 1 $20,172 $2,566
Band 2 $38,503 $3,458
Band 3 $56,983 $5,414

What is the difference between Band 2 and Band 3?

“A band two healthcare assistant should be focusing on personal care tasks like bathing, toileting, feeding and brushing hair. Band three HCAs take on more clinical care duties and patient observations, such analysing urine, doing a pregnancy test, taking blood and doing simple wound care.”

What is Virginia Tech’s pay band 4?

Wage Pay Structure

Band Minimum Maximum
Band 1 Minimum $10.25 Maximum $26.45
Band 2 Minimum $11.75 Maximum $32.59
Band 3 Minimum $13.63 Maximum $37.70
Band 4 Minimum $17.81 Maximum $47.29

What salary is Band 3 NHS?

Band 3 – 1st paypoint The annual salary for a Band 3 on the 1st paypoint is £20,330. This is £1,694.17 every month before deductions. A person on this NHS pay point will pay £115.43 a month of National Insurance, £94.87 a month of pension and £110.34 a month Tax. This makes their net (take home) pay £1,373.52 a month.

Does NGA require a polygraph?

Security Clearance Process Because of the classified nature of our work at NGA, all candidates must be eligible for a TOP SECRET/SCI security clearance and must take a polygraph examination.