What is Phcs payer ID?

What is Phcs payer ID?

Payer Name: PHCS Savility Payers|Payer ID: 13306|Professional (CMS1500)/Institutional (UB04)[Hospitals] 13306.

Can I bill Medicare through availity?

For 20 years, provider organizations, health systems, and vendors have trusted Availity to process healthcare transactions quickly and accurately. Our EDI Clearinghouse solution lets you can connect to more than 2,000 payers nationwide, including government payers like Medicaid and Medicare.

What does Phcs stand for?

PHCS means Private Health Care Systems Incorporated, a corporation with its corporate offices in Waltham, Massachusetts that develops medical provider networks and provides utilization review services.

What is the payer ID for AARP Medicare Advantage?

Only real-time mode is supported for AARP Supplemental Plans from UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, payer ID 36273.

How do you bill through Availity?

How to access and use Availity’s Claim Submission tool:

  1. Log in to Availity.
  2. Select Claims & Payents from the navigation menu.
  3. Select Professional Claim or Facility Claim.
  4. Within the tool, select your Organization, Transaction Type and Payer.
  5. Complete the required fields.

How do I submit an electronic claim to Medicare?

How to Submit Claims: Claims may be electronically submitted to a Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) from a provider using a computer with software that meets electronic filing requirements as established by the HIPAA claim standard and by meeting CMS requirements contained in the provider enrollment & …

What is Medicare postal address?

Please use these contact details for help or more information:

Mailing address: GPO BOX 9822 Sydney, New South Wales 2001
Phone: 13 21 50
Fax: 02 9895 3439

Is PHCS the same as MultiPlan?

Is PHCS or MultiPlan my health plan? No. The PHCS and MultiPlan networks are networks of medical doctors and facilities that health plans use in order to provide a broader choice of healthcare providers offering discounted services to their members.