What is PHPC?

What is PHPC?

Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPCs) will ONLY conduct swab tests or refer individuals for swabbing if they have been assessed by a doctor to require a swab.

How can I get medical certificate in Singapore?

Your doctor will issue you a digital medical certificate online if he deems you unfit for work as well. Should you prefer to consult a doctor in-person, you can also get a licensed house call doctor at your doorstep within 24 hours, anywhere in Singapore.

Can I leave home during MC?

I received a 5-day MC from my doctor, does this mean I cannot go out/ can I leave the house? You are encouraged to rest and self-isolate at home and you should only leave your house only when you need to seek medical attention, or to buy food or groceries.

What is Sash vs PHPC?

About Clinics Doctors will assess if you need to undergo COVID-19 swab tests. Swab and Send Home (SASH) PHPCs are able to perform swab tests for patients. Your doctor will assess and swab or refer you to a facility, such as a Combined Test Centre (CTC), for a swab test if needed.

Who can issue medical certificate in Singapore?

registered medical practitioner
The Ministry would like to reiterate that employers should recognise medical certificates issued by any registered medical practitioner for the purpose of being absent from work due to illness. 2.

Does healthway have ultrasound?

No need to worry if the doctor is in! Whether you need a Chest X-ray, Whole Abdomen Ultrasound or Fasting Blood Sugar test, Healthway Family Clinic is the place to visit.

Is MC required for Covid?

Employees who are physically well should be allowed to work from home if they are able to do so. If working from home is not possible, employers should treat the period of absence as paid sick leave (either paid outpatient sick leave or paid hospitalisation leave) without requiring a MC.

Is Raffles Medical under PHPC?

All Raffles Medical clinics are SASH PHPCs.

Can I work during MC?

Do I need my doctor to shorten my MC duration? You can resume normal activities if your self-administered ART result (after 72 hours) is negative. There is no need to change your MC as you are allowed to return back to work even before your MC ends, as long as you have a negative ART result after 72 hours.

Can I leave my house once I test negative?

If your Day 6 test is negative, you can leave home and return to normal living after completing the 7 days of home isolation. Wear a mask when leaving the home and avoid visiting high-risk settings for at least 14 days following exposure to the person with COVID-19.

Can I leave my house if I test negative?

If you test negative, you can exit self-isolation and resume normal activities.

Is Raffles Medical under Chas?

Raffles Medical clinics# are participatory clinics under the CHAS scheme. Please present your CHAS/Pioneer Generation or Merdeka Generation card with your NRIC upon registration to receive subsidies for your medical treatment.