What is Pokwanu?

What is Pokwanu?

Pokwanu – The Welcoming of The Groom The brides family formally welcomes the Groom, his family & friends. The Bride’s mother applies a tilak on the Groom’s forehead and then escorts the groom, his family and friends into the venue. He is then led inside and the priest performs a brief ceremony.

What does hast Melap mean?

Hastmelap Ritual Often grouped together in the Kanyadaan ceremony, the Hastmelap is translated from Sanskirt to mean ‘the joining of the hands’. The couple is united with the union of their hands in the presence of Agni Devta (the Lord of Fire), represented by the fire lit during the Vivaah Homa.

What is Ganesh matli?

Ganesh Matli. This event marks the beginning of rituals and traditional pujas to commence the upcoming nuptial. Similar to the most Hindu ceremonies, a Gujarati wedding starts with the worship of Lord Ganesh. Ganesh Matli is often conducted by families originating from North and West Gujarat.

Who brings Varmala in marriage?

He is accompanied by his marriage party of rakshashas, all of whom are most peculiar and terrible to look at. Some have eyes on their stomachs and noses on their necks. Others have the huge ears of an elephant. Some have three legs and others one.

What is Varpooja?

Var Puja (Paying Respect to the Groom) Traditionally the groom must leave the wedding with the same pair of shoes that he entered with. If his shoes are stolen, he must offer Gopi’s cousins money in order to get them back.

What is sawitri?

From then onwards, married women offer prayers to the ‘Vat ‘(Bargad) tree and Savitri is also worshipped as ‘Devi Savitri’ on this day. They seek blessings to preserve the fortune of their husbands and also pray for the growth of their families.

Can unmarried girl do Vat Savitri?

Though Vat Savitri Vrat is for those who are married, unmarried women can also celebrate this festival. Therefore, those seeking a life partner worship the Banyan Tree and Devi Savitri. Thus, they pray for an ideal husband.