What is response spectrum explain briefly?

What is response spectrum explain briefly?

A response spectrum is a plot of the peak or steady-state response (displacement, velocity or acceleration) of a series of oscillators of varying natural frequency, that are forced into motion by the same base vibration or shock.

What is tripartite spectrum?

Introduction. Shock response spectra are occasionally represented in terms of tripartite graphs in order to show the relative displacement, velocity and acceleration all on one graph. This format is useful for design purposes and for evaluating damage potential.

What is tripartite plot?

A tripartite plot (also known as “four coordinate paper”) consists of a logarithmic scale on both the X and Y axes and two additional logarithmic scales that are derived from the X and Y axes by some fixed relationship.

What is an SRS curve?

A Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) is a graphical representation of a shock, or any other transient acceleration input, in terms of how a Single Degree Of Freedom (SDOF) system (like a mass on a spring) would respond to that input.

What is on the horizontal axis of a response spectrum?

The horizontal axis will plot the Period or Frequency using a Linear or Logarithmic scale. The spectra data itself is represented with the thick red line.

What is shock response spectrum used for?

The shock response spectrum is a useful tool for estimating the damage potential of a shock pulse, as well as for test level specification. Note that MIL-STD-1540C and MIL- STD-810E require this format for certain shock environments.

Is response spectrum analysis static or dynamic?

Response-spectrum analysis (RSA) is a linear-dynamic statistical analysis method which measures the contribution from each natural mode of vibration to indicate the likely maximum seismic response of an essentially elastic structure.

What is the design response spectrum?

A response spectrum is a jagged plot of peak response of all possible SDOF systems, and hence is a description of a particular ground motion. A design spectrum is smooth and is the envelope of the different elastic design spectra.

Is Response Spectrum static or dynamic?

dynamic analysis
Response Spectrum Analysis (RSA) RSA is dynamic analysis of a structure. It is referred as dynamic analysis because it considers mode shapes and modal mass participation of the structure for different building frequencies.

What is a tripartite network?

The tripartite network connects a patient to one or more episodes, and each episode in turn is connected to one or more physicians. Tripartite networks provide the most complete presentation of the data and preserve all relevant information for network construction.