What is revised pay scale?

What is revised pay scale?

“Revised pay structure” in relation to a rank means the Pay Matrix and the Levels specified therein corresponding to the existing pay band and grade pay of the rank (including under Modified Assured Career Progression);

How is salary calculated in HP govt?

The salary is calculated by multiplying the current basic pay by a factor of 2.57, then adding all relevant benefits such as Transport Allowance (TA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Medical Allowance, and so on to arrive at the final amount.

How can I fix my salary in 6th Pay Commission?

Pay Fixation Calculator on Promotion as per the rules of 6th Pay Commission Recommendations

  1. Select Your Pay Band and Grade Pay.
  2. Enter Your Basic Pay (Including Grade Pay)
  3. Select Promoted Grade Pay.
  4. Select pay fixed on Promotion Date or Increment Date.

What is pay scale in 7th CPC?

Pay scale is between Rs.29,900 to Rs.1,04,400 per month. Grade Pay is between Rs.5,400 to Rs.16,200 per month.

How is revised salary calculated?

How to calculate the 7th CPC revised pay scale?

  1. Step 1: Check your basic pay (including grade pay) as on 31.12.2015.
  2. Step 2: Multiplication by a Fitment factor of 2.57.
  3. Step 3: Rounded off to the nearest rupee.
  4. Step 4: Go to Matrix Pay Table and select the Level corresponding to Grade Pay.

What is the DA in 6th Pay Commission?

The rate of Dearness Allowance for the period from 01.01. 2020 till 30.06. 2021 shall remain at 164%.

What was the latest DA in 6th Pay Commission?

For central government employees drawing their pay in pre-revised 6th CPC pay scale or grade pay, center has raised their DA from 196 per cent to 203 per cent. This new DA will be effective from 1st January 2022, the Office Memorandum issued by the Department of Expenditure at Ministry of Finance informed.

What will be the salary of Grade Pay 4600?

4600 Grade Pay Salary details: pay Scale: Rs. 9300-34800. Corresponding 7th CPC Pay Scale in 4600 GP: 44900-142400. Basic Pay: 44900.

What is the in hand salary of 4600 Grade Pay?

SSC CGL Salary After 7th Pay Commission

Job Posts & Department Grade Pay SSC CGL Salary in hand
Assistant Section Officer – AFHQ 4600 61888 (X) 58296 (Y) 54704(Z)
Assistant – Other Ministries 4600
Inspector of Income Tax – CBDT 4600
Inspector (Central Excise) – CBIC 4600

What was DA in 2012?

Dearness Allowance Rates (DA Rates)

Effective Rates Rates of DA
01.07.2011 58% DA OM
01.01.2012 65% DA OM
01.07.2012 72% DA OM
01.01.2013 80% DA OM