What is Romeo doing in Act 2 Scene 2?

What is Romeo doing in Act 2 Scene 2?

In Act 2, Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo sneaks into the orchard that has a view of Juliet’s window and professes his love for her though she cannot hear him. Then, she appears at her window and professes her love for him, not knowing that he is there.

What is Romeo’s personality in Act 2?

Character attributes Impulsive – he falls immediately in love with Juliet and forgets Rosaline. Devoted friend – when Mercutio is killed by Tybalt, Romeo is so enraged that he kills him too. Passionate – he kills himself in order to be with Juliet.

How is Romeo presented in the balcony scene?

Shakespeare uses light and dark imagery in this scene to describe the blossoming of Romeo and Juliet’s romance. As Romeo stands in the shadows, he looks to the balcony and compares Juliet to the sun. He then asks the sun to rise and kill the envious moon.

What happened in Act 2 Romeo and Juliet?

Juliet grows frantic, and eventually the Nurse gives in and tells her that Romeo is waiting at Friar Lawrence’s cell to marry her. The Nurse departs to wait in the ally for Romeo’s servant, who is to bring a ladder for Romeo to use to climb up to Juliet’s chamber that night to consummate their marriage.

What happens in Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet?

Paris, a relative of the prince, asks Capulet for his daughter Juliet’s hand in marriage. Capulet is initially reluctant to give his consent because Juliet is so young. Finally, however, he agrees to the match if Paris can gain Juliet’s consent.

How is Romeo presented?

A young man of about sixteen, Romeo is handsome, intelligent, and sensitive. Though impulsive and immature, his idealism and passion make him an extremely likable character. He lives in the middle of a violent feud between his family and the Capulets, but he is not at all interested in violence.

How is Romeo sensitive?

Character Trait #4 Another character trait for Romeo is sensitive. He is sensitive because he takes heart breaks seriously and had a lot of feelings for Roselyn.

Who is Romeo talking to in Act 2 Scene 2?

At the start of this scene, Romeo hides beneath Juliet’s balcony and overhears her talking about him. He eventually comes out and they talk to each other. They declare their love for each other and arrange to meet the next day when Romeo has promised to marry Juliet.

What is Romeo’s character traits?

What does Mercutio accuse Romeo?

As a way of mocking what he believes is Romeo’s overwrought love for Rosaline, Mercutio takes the part of Romeo and compares Rosaline to all the most famous beauties of antiquity, finding Rosaline far superior. Then Mercutio accuses Romeo of abandoning his friends the previous night.

Why is Mercutio upset with Romeo?

Mercutio is disgusted by Romeo’s abandonment of traditionally masculine aggression. Tybalt does not understand why Romeo will not respond to his dueling challenge — a traditional mechanism to assert and protect masculine nobility.

Who is Romeo in love with in Scene 2?

When Romeo falls in love with Juliet, he defies social conventions and woos her in secret. A chance encounter with Capulet’s illiterate servant later in the scene enables Romeo and Benvolio to find out about the feast.

Is Romeo a good person?

Who interrupts Romeo and Juliet’s conversation?

The Nurse interrupts Romeo and Juliet’s conversation.