What is Rowset positioning Db2?

What is Rowset positioning Db2?

ROWSET POSITIONING refers to how data is fetched from the database engine. For remote access, if any row qualifies, at least 1 row is returned as a rowset. The size of the rowset depends on the number of rows specified on the FETCH statement and on the number of rows that qualify.

What is Multi row Fetch in Db2?

A multi row fetch fetches multiple rows from a resultant set at a time as a row set. A row set is group of rows from the result set that’s returned in a single fetch. As multiple rows are moved in one fetch it reduces the number of I-O operations and reduced cost and CPU time.

What is the use of Sqlerrd 3?

For SQLCODES -911 and -913, SQLERRD(3) contains the reason code for the timeout or deadlock. When an error is encountered in parsing a dynamic statement, or when parsing, binding, or executing a native SQL procedure, SQLERRD(3) will contain the line number where the error was encountered.

What is scrollable cursor in Db2?

A SCROLLABLE CURSOR can move in both forward and backward direction. In other words, it can fetch next as well as previous rows. A SCROLLABLE CURSOR is declared using the “SCROLL” clause in the DECLARE CURSOR.

What is Sqlca Sqlerrd?

After an INSERT, sqlca. sqlerrd[1] contains the value that the database server has generated for a SERIAL column. After a SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, or UPDATE: sqlca. sqlerrd[2] contains the number of rows that the database server processed.

What is Sqlca in Db2?

SQLCA stands for SQL-Communication Area. It is a medium through which DB2 can communicate with the COBOL program. In a typical COBOL-DB2 program, there are many SQL statements used. The main purpose of SQLCA is to inform the COBOL program about the status and other details of the most recently executed SQL query.

What is the difference between scrollable and non scrollable?

The difference between scrollable and non scrollable cursors in DB2 is that scrollable cursors are used to move randomly through the result set while non-scrollable cursors are used to move sequentially forward through the result set.

How many types of cursors are there in DB2?

There are two types of Scrollable cursors depending upon their sensitivity with other application updates.

What is the default isolation level in DB2?

CS is the default isolation level. It is suitable when you want maximum concurrency and need to see only committed data.

What are the main fields in Sqlca?

SQLCA Fields

  • sqlcaid – An 8-byte character field that contains the string SQLCA as an identification of the SQLCA structure.
  • sqlcabc – A 32-bit integer that contains the length of the SQLCA structure (136 bytes).
  • sqlcode – A 32-bit integer that specifies the error code when the database detects an error on a request.

What is Sqlca in DB2?

Is close cursor mandatory in DB2?

Implicit cursor close: At the end of a unit of work, all open cursors declared without the WITH HOLD option that belong to an application process are implicitly closed. Close cursors for performance: Explicitly closing cursors as soon as possible can improve performance.