What is RVG sensor?

What is RVG sensor?

What is an RVG Sensor? RVG stands for RadioVisioGraphy. This technology is used as an alternative to X-ray radiography in dentistry. RVG Sensors are developed keeping their durability and image quality in mind. The hermetically sealed sensor housing makes this sensor waterproof allowing for versatile applications.

Which technology is used in carestream RVG?

RVG Sensor

Technology SuperCMOS Scintillator Optical Fiber
True (measured) resolution 16 lp/mm
Active area 22,2 x 29,6 mm
Overall dimensions 27,6 x 37,7 mm
Sensor plate thickness 7, 3 mm

Which is the best dental RVG?

The RVG 6100 digital imaging system has the highest resolution in the market today.

Which is the best RVG sensor in India?


  • Alerio.
  • Anthos.
  • Can RVG be connected to tablet?

    RVG mobile software is available in Apple iStore form which is used with KODAK RVG 6500 Sensor which is made Apple iPad compatible and it is very useful to view the radiograph directly into your palm on your iPhone or iPad.

    Which RVG sensor is best in India?

    What is vatech RVG?

    The Vatech RVG is an affordable solution for multiple operatories because of its direct USB sensor. It can be easily moved without disrupting the workflow as it is swappable with all devices. You only need a single sensor to take all X-ray images- vertical & horizontal bitewings and all periapicals.

    Can RVG be connected to iPad?

    How do you clean an RVG sensor?

    The cable must be cleaned with disposable disinfecting wipes with intermediate-level hospital disinfectant with label claims of tuberculocidal activity. Remove all debris and organic matter with a disposable wipe. DO NOT USE a chemical autoclave to disinfect the RVG sensor holder.

    Can we use RVG in a tablet?

    How do I read OPG scan?

    One method would be:

    1. Count all teeth present and their positions, noting missing or misplaced teeth.
    2. Follow the contours of the mandible from right (left side of the image) to left, noting condylar head size/shape, continuity of external border of the ramus and body, and uniformity of the internal density of the bone.

    How long do dental sensors last?

    about 5 years
    Now the average life span of a sensor is about 5 years. Can a dental sensor last longer than that? With the proper care absolutely! Probably the number one failure point of a sensor is the cable.

    What is the proper care for a digital sensor?

    If the Sensor or cable are visibly soiled (e.g., with blood or saliva), each should be cleaned with a soapy cloth or paper towel, and then dried with a clean lint-free cloth or paper towel.