What is scratch boarding?

What is scratch boarding?

Scratchboard (North America and Australia) or scraperboard (Great Britain), is a form of direct engraving where the artist scratches off dark ink to reveal a white or colored layer beneath.

What is a common mistake to avoid while using scratchboard?

If you were to draw in the normal way on scratchboard you would in fact produce an image like a photographic negative, which is a common mistake among beginning scratchboarders.

What is scratchboard made of?

Scratchboard (a.k.a. scraperboard) is a very fine layer of kaolin clay spread onto a surface (either hardboard or paper) and coated with black ink.

Who is Sally Maxwell?

Recognized as a pioneer in scratchboard, Sally was one of the first designated as a Master Scratchboard Artist by the International Society of Scratchboard Artists.

How do I protect my scratchboard art?

If you have purchased one of Ann’s original scratchboards, the surface of the drawing has been sprayed with a UV-protecting varnish (Lascaux UV protect, semi-matte, in most cases). The sealer provides enough protection that the work does not need to be framed under glass.

Who invented scratchboard?

Scratchboard or scraperboard was invented in the 19th Century in Britain and France, but it’s use was not popularized until mid (20th) century America, when it became a popular medium for reproduction because it replaced wood, metal and linoleum engraving.

What is a scrapper board?

A drawing board coated with white clay and a surface layer of black ink that is scratched or scraped away to produce an effect similar to engraving. Also called scraperboard.

How do you make a homemade scratch board?

DIY Scratchboards

  1. Cover the entire surface of your paper with areas of crayon or your oils pastels. You choose the color combination.
  2. Mix the paint and detergent together using a 1:1 ratio.
  3. Paint over the crayon entirely and let dry.
  4. Using your utensil, start scratching away to reveal the colors beneath.

How do you clean a scratched board?

For really gentle washing, wet a Q-tip and kind of swab the area. For more aggressive washing, you can use a paintbrush wetted with water, and kind of swipe, swipe, swipe, and then clean up the dirty water with another damp but fairly dry brush.

What is a scratchboard artist?

scratchboard, also called Scraperboard, a technique used by commercial artists and illustrators to make drawings that can easily be reproduced and that closely resemble either wood engravings or woodcuts.

What is scratch art called?

Scratch Art is also known as Artfoil, Foil Art or Engraving Art. It is a creative activity where you can craft a beautiful picture using a scraper tool. Each Artfoil project comes with a scraper tool and a scratch art picture, this is a board that is covered with a black ink layer.

How do you get fingerprints off scratchboard?

Seal Scratchbord with an acrylic spray fixative. It will dissolve fingerprints and even out smudges while also protecting the surface from dirt and water. First, remove all loose dust and debris from the surface with a soft brush or cloth being careful not to scuff the surface.