What is Shintaro Midorima first name?

What is Shintaro Midorima first name?

Shintarō Midorima

Kuroko Tetsuya
Some attributes
Name: Kuroko Tetsuya
Second Unknown
Third Unknown

What is Midorima ability?

Midorima’s basic abilities include his shooting accuracy, his defense, his intelligence, and his physical strength. He also improved his endurance over the course of the series to enhance his ability to shoot physically draining shots for longer periods of time.

Did Midorima ever miss?

Miyaji is able to steal the ball away from Hyūga, and Kagami jumps in front of Midorima when he tries to make a shot. Instead of shooting, Midorima fakes going for a shot, but the ball is barely touched by Kagami which makes Midorima’s shot miss.

Why does Midorima have no zone?

Since it’s shown that Kise and Midorima have practiced more than Aomine and were the members of Generations of Miracles, they were still not able to get in the Zone.

Do Yukari and Takao get together?

The relationship that Yukari has with Takao is purely platonic. Although Takao accuses Yukari of playing with his feelings, she never did such thing. It’s true that Yukari was being secretive during their meetings, but she had her reasons.

Did Takao meet yukino again?

In The Garden of Words novel She exchanged emails with Takao Akizuki as he was studying in Italy, but they avoided discussing personal issues. In May 2018, she reunited with him as he spent his days off in Japan and received the shoes that he promised.

What does atago mean in Japanese?

Atago (愛宕) was the second vessel in the Takao-class heavy cruisers, active in World War II with the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN). These were among the largest and most modern cruisers in the Japanese fleet, designed with the intention to form the backbone of a multipurpose long-range strike force.