What is special of Belgaum district?

What is special of Belgaum district?

Belgaum is famous for a number of reasons. It is one of those places which has produced a number of legends in the fields of sports and entertainment. Belgaum is also famous for its temples Chulakya and Veerabhadra. The Gokak waterfall in Belgaum district is also quite an attraction.

Is there any beach in Belgaum?

Devbagh beach is known to be one of the beautiful beaches near Belgaum and it is actually a perfect place to enjoy the sun and the white sands. This beach is a confluence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea and is popularly known as Devbagh Sangam.

Which part of Goa is near Belgaum?

Benaulim Beach is one of the most tranquil beaches in Goa and is a great destination for a road trip from Belgaum. It will take you around 4 hours drive from the city on a scenic route to reach this beautiful beach. Located 30 km away from Panjim, the beach is perfect for relaxation.

Is Belgaum good for living?

Belgaum city, known as Belagavi is a good choice to live in because of its good weather, many places to travel nearby and in the city itself, a decent educational facility for students, good transportations, good roads, culture, food, etc.

How do you make ginger ale Pak?


  1. Soak the ginger in water for about an hour.
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Is Sundhi a lower caste?

Sundhi also known as Sodhi or Sundi or Sudi or Sudhi or Shoundika, is an Indian caste whose traditional occupation has been brewing of alcoholic drinks. According to Suratha Kumar Malik, Sundhi castes belong to the Dalit community, who are hooch traders and do small businesses….

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