What is Tepco Fukushima?

What is Tepco Fukushima?

The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, site of the accident of March 11, 2011. TEPCO is committed to carrying out the complex, multilayer and large-scale project, which will take 30 to 40 years, safely and surely. Learn more. – Covid-19 Countermeasures at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station(188KB)

What happened in Fukushima?

Following a major earthquake, a 15-metre tsunami disabled the power supply and cooling of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors, causing a nuclear accident beginning on 11 March 2011. All three cores largely melted in the first three days.

What happened to TEPCO after Fukushima?

Although the ruling has likely cleared it of criminal liability, the company, known as Tepco, still faces civil litigation and the burden of mitigating the continuing harm caused by the meltdown of three reactors at the Daiichi nuclear plant in Fukushima after a huge earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

Is TEPCO still in business?

In 2007, TEPCO was forced to shut the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant after the Niigata-Chuetsu-Oki earthquake. That year it posted its first loss in 28 years. Corporate losses continued until the plant reopened in 2009….Tokyo Electric Power Company.

Native name 東京電力ホールディングス株式会社
Number of employees 38,671 (2010)

What does TEPCO stand for?

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated (Japanese: 東京電力ホールディングス株式会社, Tōkyō Denryoku Hōrudingusu kabushiki gaisha, TYO: 9501), also known as Toden (東電, Tōden) or TEPCO, is a Japanese electric utility holding company servicing Japan’s Kantō region, Yamanashi Prefecture, and the eastern portion of Shizuoka …

Is Tepco still in business?

Who owned Tepco?

(TEPCO) is a state-owned company headquartered in Japan. Its revenue in 2019 was US$29.83 billion and installed capacity in 2018 was 63.7 GW.