What is the acceptance rate for BCTC?

What is the acceptance rate for BCTC?

editorial. Bluegrass CTC is a public college located in Lexington, Kentucky. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 4,221 undergraduate students. The Bluegrass CTC acceptance rate is 100%.

Is it too late to apply to BCTC?

Admissions, advising, financial aid and the bursar will be available to assist prospective or current students with enrollment for fall.

What percentage of your classes must be from BCTC to get a degree at BCTC?

Online Class Schedules *Important* to receive a BCTC degree, 25% of classes must originate from BCTC.

Does BCTC require ACT?

Beginning Freshmen (students who have never attended college before) need to provide: Your official high school transcript or GED® test scores. Official scores from a placement test such as the ACT or SAT.

How many students go to BCTC?

14,164 (2010)Bluegrass Community & Technical College / Total enrollment

What ACT score is needed for BCTC?

Demonstrate academic success as measured through grades and class rank. Demonstrate math capability measured through ACT or SAT scores (minimum of 19 ACT).

How many students go to Bctc?

What is a passing grade at BCTC?

Maintain a 2.0 or higher cumulative Grade Point Average (Qualitative standard) and. Complete at least 67% of all the classes you attempt. This includes transferred courses and repeated coursework (Quantitative standard) and.

What GPA do you need to get into BCTC?

Students must meet KCTCS Dual Credit Assessment & Placement requirements before you can enroll in one or more dual credit courses….Requirements for enrollment into General Education Dual Credit Courses.

Course GPA ACT
College Ready in English 3.0 18
College Ready for Technical Math² 2.8 18

How many students are enrolled at BCTC?

Does Bctc have housing?

It is important that our prospective international students understand that Bluegrass Community and Technical College does not have designated housing for their students. However, BCTC students are permitted to apply for housing on the neighboring campus of the University of Kentucky.