What is the active ingredient in Fusilade?

What is the active ingredient in Fusilade?

Formulated with active ingredient FLUEZIFOP BUTYL it Manages annual and perennial grass through systemic activity and offers an alternative site of action to glyphosate which is essential for crop safety and management to assist farmers attain maximum yield.

What is Fusilade good for?

Fusilade II is an herbicide used to treat turf and ornamental plants. It controls grass weeds growing in various landscaped areas. It can be applied to residential lawns and flowerbeds to eliminate various annual and perennial grass weeds.

What can you spray Fusilade on?

Fusilade II is a selective herbicide for application over flowers, bushes and ornamentals that kills grass and grassy weeds including Torpedo Grass in your flower bed and ornamental planting areas. You should mix a surfactant with it. It typically takes 2 weeks to see results after application.

Is Fusilade safe?

Fusilade II Herbicide is a grassy weed control herbicide, so it is not safe for use around most types of grasses.

How long does Fusilade take to dry?

FUSILADE MAX is rainfast within 1-2 hours of application. WEEDS CONTROLLED The following weeds are controlled by post emergence applications at the rates given below. Refer also to the crop recommendations for the maximum recommended rate in each crop.

Is Fusilade a selective herbicide?

Fusilade Forte 128EC is a selective herbicide that controls both annual and perennial grasses in various situations including crops, orchards, vegetables and ornamental garden beds.

Is Fusilade better than roundup?

In fact, Fusilade II does a better job of killing Bermudagrass than even Roundup. The list of ornamentals that you can spray over the top of is in the hundreds.

What is the mixing rate for Fusilade?

Spot Treatment: For handgun or knapsack, mix 250 mL of FUSILADE FORTE in 100 litres of water (or 25 mL per 10 litres of spray mix) and spray to thoroughly wet grasses.

Is Fusilade safe for dogs?

Fusilade II Herbicide is a very safe product if it is used according to the label. Pets need to be kept out of the treatment area while this product is applied, but can safely return as soon as everything is fully dry.

Who makes Fusilade?

Fusilade DX is one of several Syngenta herbicide tank-mix options available for inclusion with Tavium® Plus VaporGrip® Technology herbicide, as well as other dicamba herbicides.

How do you mix Fusilade?

Spot Treatment: For handgun or knapsack, mix 250 mL of FUSILADE FORTE in 100 litres of water (or 25 mL per 10 litres of spray mix) and spray to thoroughly wet grasses. Except where specified on this label, FUSILADE FORTE should NOT be used in tank mixture with other herbicides.

Is Fusilade residual?

Up to two weeks of soil residual activity has been reported.

What is fusilade DX herbicide?

Fusilade DX Herbicide is a selective postemergence herbicide for control of annual and perennial grass weeds in numerous crops and on fallow land, and on listed noncrop areas and nonbearing crops. Fusilade DX Herbicide will provide effective control of grass weeds in conventional tillage, minimum tillage, and no-till plantings.

Can you plant after applying fusilade DX?

• Do not plant rotational crops not listed on the label within 30 days after the last application of Fusilade DX Herbicide or illegal residues may occur. • Avoid drift to all other crops and non-target areas. Grass crops are highly susceptible to Fusilade DX Herbicide.

Can you use fusilade DX on fescue?

Other types of fescues may be injured by Fusilade DX Herbicide. NONBEARING CROPS Fusilade DX Herbicide can be used to control annual and perennial grass weeds in nonbearing groves, orchards, vineyards, or tree farms* or during site preparation prior to transplanting.

Does Syngenta fusilade DX kill grass?

The Syngenta Fusilade DX is a systemic herbicide that controls annual and perennial weeds such as bentgrass, crabgrass, johnsongrass, goosegrass, foxtail, wild oats, downy brome, ryegrass, corn, sandbur, and wild cane. It is proven to eliminate grass weeds soon after the application. The treated grass becomes yellow or red and eventually dies.