What is the American record in the 5k?

What is the American record in the 5k?


Event Record Meet
Two miles 8:07.07 Prefontaine Classic
5000 m 12:47.20
5 km (road) 13:20 BAA 5k
13:18 # Carlsbad 5000

Who holds the female American record for the mile?

The current mile world record holders are Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco with a time of 3:43.13, and Sifan Hassan of The Netherlands with the women’s record of 4:12.33.

What is the US women’s high jump record?

2.09 m
High jump

Athletics High jump
Men Javier Sotomayor 2.45 m (8 ft 1⁄4 in) (1993)
Women Stefka Kostadinova 2.09 m ( 6 ft 101⁄4 in) (1987)
Olympic records
Men Charles Austin 2.39 m (7 ft 10 in) (1996)

What is the average 5K time for a woman?

Many runners complete a 5K in 30 to 40 minutes, and many runners are satisfied with their time if it’s around this benchmark. The average walker finishes a 5K in 45 to 60 minutes….Average by age and sex.

Age group Men Women
16 to 19 29:39 37:39
20 to 24 29:27 36:22
25 to 29 31:09 36:16
30 to 34 31:27 38:41

How fast could Usain Bolt run a 5k?

I went out on one of our lunchtime runs last week and ran it as hard as I could — just under two minutes. That’s a 4:32-per-mile pace, which was good enough to best my coworker (my goal for the day), but certainly not an elite time….How Fast Could Usain Bolt Run a Marathon?

Distance Men’s Women’s
5000 Meters 7:59.00 8:44.50
Mile 2:34.18 2:48.82