What is the attendance at Notre Dame?

What is the attendance at Notre Dame?

While the student section filled in after kickoff, the official attendance of 62,009 marked Notre Dame’s smallest home crowd (2020 aside) since the expansion a quarter century ago to the current capacity of 77,622.

What was the attendance at the Michigan game?

Michigan’s highest-attended matchup of 2021 was The Game. Some 111,156 people at the Big House saw the Wolverines defeat Ohio State on November 27. Across college football, attendance has declined since 2019, ADU says, and Michigan was no exception to that trend.

What is the record attendance at Michigan Stadium?

The Big House boasts a seating capacity of 107,601, but it has hosted crowds in excess of 115,000. The Big House’s largest attendance record was 115,109, set on Sept. 7, 2013 in Michigan’s 41-30 night-game victory over Notre Dame.

How many people can attend at Notre Dame Stadium?

Notre Dame Stadium

Owner University of Notre Dame
Operator University of Notre Dame
Capacity 54,000 (1930–1965) 59,075 (1966–1996) 80,225 (1997) 80,012 (1998–1999) 80,232 (2000) 80,795 (2001–2016) 77,622 (2017–present)
Surface Natural grass (1930–2013) Artificial turf (2014–present)

How many people were at Michigan football game?

More than 110,000 fans packed into the University of Michigan football stadium to see the Wolverines beat rival Ohio State for the first time in a decade.

What is the largest football crowd ever?

Maracana Stadium – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (official attendance: 199,854) The largest ever “official” attendance… step forward the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where just shy of 200,000 people watched Uruguay lift the World Cup trophy back in 1950.

Do people hook up at Notre Dame?

Only a small minority of respondents were transfer students (5%), so this data is a good representation of the Notre Dame hookup culture. The mean number of reported hookups according to the provided definition was 7.35, with a standard deviation of 11.13.

What football stadium has the largest capacity?

Michigan Stadium

Rank Stadium Capacity
1 Michigan Stadium 107,601
2 Beaver Stadium 106,572
3 Ohio Stadium 102,780
4 Kyle Field 102,733

Why did Michigan and Notre Dame stop playing each other?

Notre Dame and Michigan initially reached a mutual agreement to suspend the series for the 2018 and 2019 football season. Notre Dame then decided to cancel the 2015 through 2017 games, citing the need to play ACC games. After a three-year hiatus, the series resumed in 2018 and 2019.

How many points did Michigan beat Notre Dame by?

Michigan’s 31-point victory marked its third-largest margin of victory against Notre Dame in series history. Michigan’s defense held Notre Dame to 47 yards rushing on 31 carries, and 180 yards of total offense. On October 26, 2019, it was announced the teams would play a home-and-home series in 2033 and 2034.

Is Michigan football better than Notre Dame football?

Michigan football and Notre Dame football are considered to be among the most elite college programs. Michigan ranks #1 in all-time win percentage and all-time wins, while Notre Dame ranks #4 in all-time win percentage and #6 in all-time wins.

What happened to the 2012 Notre Dame football game?

^ a b Notre Dame’s win in 2012 was vacated as a result of NCAA sanctions against the Notre Dame football program issued on November 22, 2016 after the NCAA found that a student-trainer committed academic misconduct for two football players and provided six other players with impermissible academic extra benefits.