What is the best Flor de Cana?

What is the best Flor de Caña?

Flor de Caña Centenario 12-year Rum is certainly one of the finest in the world. It comes not from some Caribbean island, but from the Central American country of Nicaragua. The name means “sugar cane flower” and it has a sweet smell indeed.

How much alcohol does Flor de Caña have?

Flor de Caña

Type Rum
Country of origin Nicaragua
Introduced 1890
Alcohol by volume 40%
Proof (US) 70 – 80

What proof is Flor de Caña?

Flor De Cana Rum Gran Reserva 80 Proof – 750 Ml.

How do you drink Flor de Caña 12 year?

Aroma: Aromas of red fruits, honey and toasted nuts. Palate: Wood, vanilla and baked apples, with a smooth and well-balanced finish. How to drink: In a Rum Old Fashioned or with a splash of premium sparkling water or ginger ale and an orange twist.

Does Flor de Caña add sugar?

However, Flor de Caña rums have zero sugar content. Our rums are naturally aged without any sort of additives, accelerants or artificial ingredients. We only use three elements: alcohol of maximum purity, premium bourbon barrels and time.

How do you drink Flor de Caña 12?

How long is Flor de Caña aged?

up to 25 years
Flor de Caña rums are aged from four up to 25 years, and are dark amber, bold-bodied, and impossibly smoother.

Who owns Flor de Caña?

Carlos Pellas Chamorro
Carlos Pellas Chamorro, whose family owns Flor de Caña, has been a champion of making rum an elevated and sophisticated experience, not just something to be cut with cola while on a beach holiday.

Does Flor de Caña have carbs?

Flor de Caña 12 Year Rum is carb-free but should be consumed in moderation on keto because it is alcoholic.

How do you drink Flor de Cana 12?

How many calories are in a shot of Flor de Caña?

Calories in Flor de Cana Side Car (alcohol!)

Calories 164.4
Saturated Fat 0.0 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.0 g
Monounsaturated Fat 0.0 g
Cholesterol 0.0 mg

Does Flor de Caña have sugar?

Who owns Flor de Cana?

How do you serve Flor de Caña?

What is the oldest Flor de Caña?

V Generaciones
Nicaraguan rum brand Flor de Caña has released its oldest expression to date, a limited edition 30-year-old called V Generaciones. The “one-of-a-kind” rum has been aged in a single barrel since 1988 and was released ahead of the brand’s 130th anniversary in 2020.

Who is the richest person in Nicaragua?

Carlos Pellas Chamorro is a Nicaraguan businessman. The controlling shareholder of Grupo Pellas, Pellas is Nicaragua’s first billionaire.