What is the best Forex trading simulator?

What is the best Forex trading simulator?

Best Android & iOS Forex Trading Simulator 2018

  • #1 For Forex & Stock & Crypto trading – Trading Game.
  • #2 For Social Trading – Etoro.
  • #3 For Crypto Trading – Bitcoin Flip Trading Simulator.
  • #4 For Stock Market Trading – Stock Trainer.
  • #5 For Trading Financial Markets – BUX.

Is Forex simulator free?

Freeware. Accurate simulation, like you are trading real-time market. Synchronized time between all charts and windows, multi-currency trading without limits.

Is there a Forex simulator?

MetaTrader Supreme Edition comes with two useful Forex and stock market simulators – one is the trading strategy tester, which allows you to test different trading strategies against historical price data. The second is the day trading simulator, which specifically tests day trading strategies.

Is Soft4FX free?

You can test our software for free as long as you want. The download button is just above.

What is FX blue?

FX Blue Live is a free web-based service for analyzing and publishing your trading results. You can analyze trades from MT4, MT5, cTrader, xOpenHub, Vertex FX, or FXCM TS2. Publication of new and closed orders is nearly instant.

How do I install FX simulator?


  1. Make sure that Microsoft .
  2. Download the latest version of Forex Simulator (Download) and save it somewhere on your disk.
  3. In your Metatrader 4 go to File -> Open Data Folder.
  4. Copy the downloaded Soft4FX Forex Simulator.
  5. Restart Metatrader.

What happens if you lose money on FTMO?

The good news is that you cannot lose more than this fee as any potential losses on the FTMO Account are covered by us. On top of that, the fee is always refunded back to the trader with his/her first Profit Split from the FTMO Account.

What is FTMO challenge?

FTMO is a project which is looking for experienced traders. To ascertain if a trader has all the qualities we seek, we developed a 2-step evaluation course. These two steps consist of the FTMO Challenge and the Verification. The course is specifically tailored to discover talent within a trader.

Where can I trade forex for free?

FX Academy was created by a globally recognized Forex authority, written by highly acclaimed Forex traders, designed for traders of all experience levels, and, incredibly, it doesn’t cost a dime, making it our top choice as the best free option for a Forex trading class.