What is the best legendary car in smashy road?

What is the best legendary car in smashy road?

The F1(very low durability, bad handling) and time machine(bad stats) are often believed to be the worst legendaries, while the best legendary is a fight between The Beast(no drift), Flipper(flips over police cars and rather fast), Tank Destroyer(almost suck indestructible and has extreme impact), Boom Bus and Rocket …

What does the flipper do in smashy road?

Ability. As the name suggests, the Flipper flips vehicles, which is very useful if used correctly. However, the plow is only good for vehicles driving directly at it, unless the user gets good at maneuvering quickly enough. It also, like other third row legendaries, collects 5x cash.

Who is the fastest character in Smashy Road 2?

Murphy: Quickest speed among all characters. The professor: Leaves chemical potions behind. Tik Tok Boom: Has significantly more health than other characters. Doesn’t inflict damage when in contact with landmines (defuse landmines).

What does lucky lady do Smashy road?

Feather : Lucky Lady Feather is one of the 6 Legendary characters in Smashy Road 2. Her ability is that she can swim for long periods of time and gives you an airdrop every 10 seconds. Normally airdrops come every 30 seconds so this is a very good ability.

Can you drive on water in Smashy road?

Sadly it cannot go on water due to not being a legendary car. It is hard to move the car because the car is slippery. It was the worst car because it not a legendary car to float.

What car in Smashy road goes on water?

When you start the hovercraft it makes no sound. Real life hovercraft can float on water but the hovercraft on smashy road can’t float on water. But now in Smashy Road Wanted 2, it can go on water now.

How many cars are in Smashy road?

Smashy Road: Wanted has a large roster of cars that can be classified under legendary, epic and rare. Within this brackets expect a list of over 30 cars. Each car is built with its advantages and disadvantages and how many cars are unlockable largely depends on what platform you’re playing the game on.

What does time Machine do in Smashy road?

Time machine is a legendary car brought the game. It has medium durability and relatively good speed. When you reach the maximum speed you leave a trail of fire and the screen changes, making it looks like an old photo (or an old movie) it also puffs out a cloud (or smoke) and has the ability to push back cars.

What does Rocky roll do in Smashy road?

Rocky Roll is one of the 6 Legendary characters in Smashy Road 2. His ability is that when you exit your vehicle large, grey rocks will fall from the sky and detonate on the officers of law. The rocks won’t do much damage to the SWAT, SRI Army, And Alien’s but they can destroy the police.

How do you get the clown character in Smashy Road 2?

Smashy Road Wanted 2 Mystery Vehicles

  1. Bearbit Racer: Unlocked by collecting all 10 of the Smashy Road letters. ”
  2. Zombie Smasher: Unlocked by killing or running over 40 zombies at the Haunted House. ”
  3. Clown Car: Unlocked by equipping the NoFun character and entering the Clown Car at the circus. “

What’s the fastest car in Smashy road?

Performance. The F1 has the highest speed out of every car in the game along with the Rocket, Drag Racer, and Stealth Drag.

How do I unlock NoFun?

NoFun is required for the “Key to Success” quest where you must go to the funfair as NoFun, then enter the clown car in the middle, which, if you are not using NoFun, will be locked.