What is the best private primary school in Melbourne?

What is the best private primary school in Melbourne?

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Order School SES
Lighthouse Christian College,Keysborough,VIC,3173 85
1 Presbyterian Ladies’ College,Burwood,VIC,3125 97
2 Huntingtower School,Mount Waverley,VIC,3149 96
3 Camberwell Grammar School,Canterbury,VIC,3126 96

How much does private primary school cost in Australia?

How much do Australian Private Schools Cost? Private school tuition fees vary considerably across Australia; however you may expect to pay anywhere between $20,000 and $43,000 for a Year 12 day student attending an established, well regarded metropolitan private school in 2022 – with boarding fees in addition.

How much does private school cost in Victoria?

Victorian parents are paying the highest median private school fees in Australia, with a price tag this year across all high- and low-fee non-government schools of $14,140.

How much does a private school cost in Melbourne?

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Mount Scopus Memorial College BURWOOD $36,780
Melbourne Grammar School MELBOURNE $33,940
Lauriston Girls’ School ARMADALE $34,880
The King David School ARMADALE $35,564

How many private schools are there in Melbourne?

470 private schools
There are around 470 private schools in Melbourne, Victoria. This Melbourne Private Schools list includes Melbourne’s top non-government schools and independent primary and secondary schools across all suburbs of Melbourne.

How do people afford private school Australia?

Ways to save for private school fees

  1. Mortgage offset or savings account. Use your home loan offset account or open a separate savings account (preferably with a high interest rate) to save a set amount on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
  2. Education funds and insurance bonds.
  3. Education loans.

What is the most expensive private school in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s ritzy inner south-east – which is home to Melbourne Grammar, Melbourne Girls Grammar and Scotch College – is the country’s priciest region with median annual fees of $34,246.

What is the smartest school in Victoria?

Bialik College
According to the 2018 edition of The Good Schools Guide, Bialik College is the best performing school in Victoria when it comes to the proportion of study scores over 40….Top Five Best Performing Schools in Victoria.

Rank 1
School Bialik College
School sector Independent
Percentage of 40+ study scores 44
Gender Co-ed

What’s the most expensive private school in Melbourne?

What are the top primary schools in Melbourne?

The Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Melbourne:

  1. Presbyterian Ladies College Melbourne.
  2. Haileybury College.
  3. St Andrews Christian College.
  4. Huntingtower School.
  5. Beverley Hills Primary School.
  6. Serpell Primary School.
  7. Oakleigh South Primary School.
  8. Camberwell Grammar School.

Why do people pay so much for private school?

Private schools are so expensive because they are funded by private organisations and individuals, unlike public schools which are funded by the government. Private schools are also more expensive since they are willing to invest in the best equipment and hire teachers with outstanding credentials.