What is the book King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table about?

What is the book King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table about?

A legend is born when young Arthur meets Merlin and draws the mighty sword from its stone. This retelling brings to life King Arthur and the adventures of his Knights, from the quest for the Holy Grail to the final tragedy of the Last Battle.

Who wrote about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table?

Thomas Malory
King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table is a retelling of the Arthurian legends, principally Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, by Roger Lancelyn Green….King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table.

1953 edition
Author Roger Lancelyn Green
Publication date 1953
Media type Print
Pages 355

What reading level is King Arthur?

This is a wonderful book. The reading level is 9-12, so if your kids are younger, is better to find something according to their level.

How long is the book King Arthur?

The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

Cover of the first printing of the 1903 edition
Author Howard Pyle
Published November 1903
Publisher Charles Scribner’s Sons
Pages 416

What is the best book about King Arthur?

10 of the Best Books about King Arthur

  1. Geoffrey of Monmouth, History of the Kings of Britain.
  2. Chr├ętien de Troyes, Lancelot.
  3. Anonymous, The Mabinogion.
  4. Sir Thomas Malory, Le Morte d’Arthur.
  5. Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Idylls of the King.
  6. Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

Was King Arthur a good person?

Arthur remains a good & noble king until the affair of his queen & best friend is revealed by his son Mordred. Throughout all these adventures there are a number of times Guinevere is kidnapped by some menacing lord and has to be rescued or other ladies are in distress and also need the assistance of a noble knight.