What is the central theme of Blue Like Jazz?

What is the central theme of Blue Like Jazz?

The book deals with inward spiritual dealings as Don, his friends Penny, Laura and others struggle with finding meaning in life and the ultimate battle with God ending with choosing him or choosing one’s self.

Who wrote Blue Like Jazz?

Donald MillerBlue Like Jazz / AuthorDonald “Don” Miller is an American author, public speaker, and business owner. He is the CEO of StoryBrand, a marketing company. He is also an author of personal essays and reflections about faith, God, and self-discovery. Wikipedia

Where was Blue Like Jazz filmed?

Blue Like Jazz: The Movie was the second most successful Kickstarter fundraiser in 2010. Miller’s 2009 book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is based on his experience of revising his memoir into the screenplay for this film. Filming took place in Nashville, Tennessee and Portland, Oregon.

How many copies did Blue Like Jazz sell?

1.5 million copies
Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller spent 43 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list and has sold over 1.5 million copies to date. The semi-autobiographical story was adapted for the screen by Miller, Steve Taylor and Ben Pearson.

When was blue like jazz written?

Miller, Donald. (2003). Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality.

What is blue like jazz about?

Where Mere Christianity’s audacious reach exceeded its only-human grasp, Blue Like Jazz tells human stories to human beings. I believe it readily asserts how you can believe without abandoning your intellect, but it does so through the simple truths of what Christ asked people to do to each other.

Is the book Blue Like Jazz worth reading?

But if you approach the book as one man’s journey to faith told in a friendly and humorous manner then you will enjoy Blue Like Jazz. Admittedly I approached the book from my very Conservative Evangelical subculture with a little trepidation. Miller uses ideas, terms and political viewpoints that will make th

Does Blue Like Jazz compare to Augustine or Lewis?

“Blue Like Jazz” is not meant to be a deep theological treatise. If you thought it was supposed to be, then of course it doesn’t compare to Augustine or C.S. Lewis.

How much did Blue Like Jazz raise for the movie?

This campaign raised over $340,000, more than doubling the original goal of $125,000 by October 25, 2010. The film adaptation of Blue Like Jazz, was released on April 13, 2012. The film is roughly based upon the book, but has more of a contemporary vibe.