What is the conjugations of savoir?

What is the conjugations of savoir?

“How to Conjugate the French Verb ‘Savoir’ (‘to Know’).” ThoughtCo, Dec….Simple Conjugations of “Savoir”

(tu) sache
(nous) sachons
(vous) sachez

How do you conjugate Connaitre and savoir?

In present tense, their conjugations are:

  1. Connaître. Je (I) connais.
  2. Savoir. Je sais.
  3. 1) connais. Normally, “connaître” is more appropriate for knowledge of (or familiarity with) people.
  4. 2) sait.
  5. 3) savons.
  6. 4) connaissent.
  7. 5) sais.
  8. 6) sais.

What is the past tense of savoir?

The Pluperfect Tense French Savoir Conjugation

Subject Pronoun Savoir English
Il/Elle Avait Su He/She
Nous Avions Su We
Vous Aviez Su You
Ils/Elles Avaient Su They

What is the meaning of savoir?

: ability to live elegantly : observance of the usages of fashionable society.

Is savoir followed by De or a?

“Savoir” is followed by a verb, to say “knowing how to…”: Je sais danser. I know how to dance.

How do you conjugate savoir in passé composé?

‘savoir’ is the model of its conjugation….formes composées / compound tenses.

passé antérieur
il, elle, on eut su
nous eûmes su
vous eûtes su
ils, elles eurent su

Is savoir regular French?

Savoir is an irregular -ir verb.

What is the imperative of savoir?

Veuillez me suivre s’il vous plaît. Follow me, please.

What is savoir in passe compose?

In this French grammar lesson we will learn about savoir conjugation in the passe composé. Savoir means “to know” and is a irregular -ir verb.