What is the culture of Langkawi?

What is the culture of Langkawi?

The culture of Langkawi in greatly influenced by the large number of eagles inhabiting the island. This can be seen in both the name (whose root word is “helang”, meaning eagle) and the large statue of an eagle in the city center. Thailand was for a brief period during the early 20th century in control of Langkawi.

What are the ethnic groups in Langkawi?

Only four of the 99 islands are inhabited: Langkawi (Pulau Langkawi, the main island), Tuba, Rebak and Dayang Bunting. The population is approximately 99,000, around 65,000 of them in Langkawi, of which 90% are Malays. The other ethnic groups consist mainly of Chinese, Indians, and Thais.

Is Langkawi East or West Malaysia?

Langkawi Island, Malaysian Pulau Langkawi, main island of the Langkawi group, in the Strait of Malacca, Peninsular (West) Malaysia. It lies just south of the Thai island of Tarutao.

How Langkawi got its name?

There are many suggestions for the origin of the name of Langkawi. According to one interpretation, Langkawi means island of the reddish-brown eagle in colloquial Malay. The Malay word for eagle is helang – which is shortened to “lang”, while kawi is the name of a red stone used as a chalk to mark goods.

What is unique about Langkawi?


  • Ride the Langkawi Cable Car.
  • Walk across the Langkawi Sky Bridge.
  • Marvel at Art in Paradise.
  • Kayak through mangrove trees in Kilim Karst Geoforest Park.
  • Relax at Tanjung Rhu Beach.
  • Explore surrounding islands by jet ski.
  • Hand feed animals and birds at the Langkawi Wildlife Park.

Why Langkawi become a top tourist destination in Malaysia?

Due to its breathtaking natural scenery and landscapes, langkawi has become more famous because of its local touch of cultural heritage. The simply amazing aquamarine contours and its unique geographic location have given the islands an edge over others to become a great tourist destination.

What makes Langkawi special?

Surrounded by turquoise waters, home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls and forest valleys in the world, Langkawi is breathtakingly beautiful! Known to the locals as the “Jewel of Kedah,” which represents a place of immense beauty, Langkawi is the only UNESCO geo-park listed in the South East Asian region.

How safe is Langkawi?

Langkawi is a relatively a very safe place to visit, but does have some of the problems that come with being a developing area. Because there is a great contrast of wealthy tourists and poor locals, petty theft does occur.

What is best about Langkawi?

Langkawi is extravagant in natural wonders and exciting activities that you can explore! Some of these include the pristine beaches, crystal clear waterfalls, lush rainforests, mesmerizing landscapes, nature parks, historical landmarks, duty-free shopping outlets, and thrilling nightlife!

Are girls safe in Malaysia?

PETALING JAYA (March 5): A study has ranked Malaysia as the 10th safest country for women out of 14 countries in the Asia Pacific region in 2018. The research by Value Champion looked at the aspects of safety, healthcare and opportunities for women in the 14 countries .