What is the difference between Apollo Amazer 3G and 4G?

What is the difference between Apollo Amazer 3G and 4G?

Here, Amazer XL is pitched for durability and performance, while the Amazer 3G and Amazer 3G Maxx aims as fuel efficiency and long tread life. Moreover, the specially crafted Amazer 4G Life has got everything from enhanced fuel efficiency to improved braking and from high durability to superior resistance to punctures.

How long do Apollo Tyres last?

Our controlled test results have proven that the tyre can go up to 100,000 kms and beyond,” said Satish Sharma, president Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa of Apollo Tyres in a statement .

What is the price of Apollo tubeless TYRE?

APOLLO Tyres Price list in India (June 2022)

Apollo Amazer 3G Tubeless 4 Wheeler Tyre(135/70R12, Tube Less) Rs.2,420
APOLLO 3.00-18 ACTGRIP R1 TT Tube Tyre Rs.1,800
APOLLO 90/100-10 ACTIGRIP S3 TT Tube Tyre Rs.1,600
Apollo Amazer 3G Tubeless 4 Wheeler Tyre(155/80R13, Tube Less) Rs.3,587

Which is better Apollo or Michelin?

Revenues of Apollo Tyres have grown at a faster clip than Michelin mainly on account of the fact that Apollo Tyres is present in a developing country, which has seen a surge in the sales of automobiles owing to introduction of newer models and relatively hassle free financing.

How many km Apollo Tyres?

Are Apollo tyres expensive?

APOLLO car tyre price in India starts at Rs. 1800 for Amazer 3G, which is the cheapest model. The most expensive APOLLO tyre is Apterra HP priced at Rs. 21830.

Which tyre brand is best for bike?

Here is a list of the top 5 best bike tyre manufacturers in India and more details on why they are famous.


Is Apollo TYRE good for car?

Good quality average performance Tyre quality is good and the performance is at par considering the price. There are few cuts and bruises on tyre after 20,000 Km, which is acceptable.

Are Apollo Tyres good for Honda City?

Apollo Tyres is the leading brand of tyres providing the best tyres for Honda City.

How many km should tyres last?

about 40,000km
Mileage from tyres is highly variable from driver to driver. Your personal mileage depends on your vehicle, your driving style, and local road conditions. For the average set of tyres, it’s reasonable to expect about 40,000km of life out of the tyres.

How do you know if a tyre is original?

Here are 8 ways to spot counterfeit tyres.

  1. The brand or other details are misspelt.
  2. There is no paperwork or packaging.
  3. The tyres are missing details.
  4. They’re the wrong colour.
  5. The tyres feel flimsy.
  6. Ask, “These tyres are real, right?”
  7. The location where you buy them is unusual.
  8. Google can help you ID the counterfeits.

Who is the owner of Apollo Tyres?

ONKAR KANWAR Under his able leadership Apollo became a professionally managed and a globally recognised tyre manufacturer. As a visionary entrepreneur, he plays a critical role in the articulation of company’s business philosophy.

Which tyre is best for Honda car?

Here Are The Best Tyres for Honda City

Tyre Brand and Model Tyre Type Tyre Price
Goodyear Assurance Triplemax 2 Tubeless Rs 4812/- (approx.)
Michelin Energy XM2 Tubeless Rs 6588/- (approx.)
Yokohama BluEarth AE50 Tubeless Rs 6864/- (approx.)
Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 Tubeless Rs 6990/- (approx.)