What is the difference between storage pool and volume Synology?

What is the difference between storage pool and volume Synology?

After a storage pool has been created, you can create one or multiple volumes on it. A volume is a unit of data storage and may be expanded if the associated storage pool contains allocatable space. At least one volume must be created before you can start storing data on your Synology NAS.

What Synology should I get?

The DiskStation DS220+ is the ideal choice right now. It has powerful hardware, the latest software features, and two drive bays to accommodate 32TB of storage. You have more than enough headroom here if you’re interested in building a media server.

Is Synology DSM 7 any good?

Synology Photos offers a unified photo management service, Hybrid Share and Active Insight bring powerful cloud-based features, and there are several security-focused changes, making DSM 7.0 the best NAS software around.

How much cache do I need for Synology?


Volume Size Minimum Size of SSD Cache SSD Cache Configuration using Synology SSDs
24 TB – 40 TB 800 GB – 960 GB RAID 1 with 2 * SNV3400-800G/SNV3500-800G or RAID 1 with 2 * SAT5200-960G
40 TB – 80 TB 1.92 TB RAID 1 with 2 * SAT5200-1920G
> 80 TB 3.84 TB RAID 5 with 3 * SAT5200-1920G or RAID 1 with 2 * SAT5200-3840G

Is NAS SSD cache worth it?

Using SSD cache is not recommended if the amount of frequently accessed data on your Synology NAS exceeds the maximum size of SSD cache or if an application is always under a high load. Cache flushing is resource-intensive and can impact performance if there are no off-peak hours.

What NAS has the best software?

Top 5 NAS Software

  • FreeNAS – Free and open-source.
  • XigmaNAS – Includes different protocols.
  • Rockstor – Built on a rock-solid CentOs.
  • Amahi – Tons of apps and plugins.
  • OpenMediaVault – Has frequent updated and patches.

Does Plex run on DSM 7?

The Plex Media Server package file should be downloaded. To install the Plex Media Server package file on the DSM 7 operating system of your Synology NAS, open the Package Center app and click on Manual Install as marked in the screenshot below. Click on Browse.

Can I use different size drives in Synology NAS?

Synology does allow you to mix different make and size drives. But I would still recommend mixing only similar kind of drives. Either all of them are NAS drives like WD Red or desktop or pro drives.