What is the domain for eduroam WiFi?

What is the domain for eduroam WiFi?

Use manual settings for eduroam

WiFi Security WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
Domain ox.ac.uk
CA Certificate ‘none’ or ‘no certificate required’
PEAP Version ‘Version 0’ or ‘Automatic’
Inner Authentication MSCHAPv2

How do I connect to UMB WiFi?

Android (newer versions)

  1. Connect to the eduroam network using the following settings:
  2. EAP Method: PEAP.
  3. Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2.
  4. In the certificates drop-down menu, select “Do not check”
  5. Domain: umassb.net.
  6. Enter your UMass Boston email address (without the @umb.edu) and password.
  7. Click “Connect”

Why is my Wi-Fi asking for a domain?

The logon domain authentication happens when the connection you are using is not set correctly. When this happens, you may choose to switch to another connection or make corrections to your current settings. However, it is recommended that you create a new connection manually.

Why can’t I log into eduroam?

Verify your username/email address and passphrase: Many connection issues result from one or both of these being incorrect. Be sure that you’re on the right network: Be sure that you are using eduroam. Try removing the network and re-adding it: Remove and re-add eduroam on your device. Restart your device.

How do I log into eduroam UOFT?

  1. Click on the wireless network icon at the bottom right of your screen and select eduroam.
  2. Click the connect button.
  3. Enter your user name as [email protected] (where “utorid” is your actual UTORid), and your UTORid password.
  4. If you see a Windows Security Alert, click Connect.

How do I set up eduroam on my Iphone?


  1. Open the Wi-Fi Networks window (from the Home screen select Settings > Wi-Fi) and select eduroam from Networks list.
  2. When prompted for credentials input your UCL user ID and password and tap Join (see Fig.1).
  3. You will be prompted to trust the GEANT certificate.

How do I log into eduroam on my Iphone?


  1. From your iOS Home screen go to Settings and select Wi-Fi.
  2. In the Wi-Fi Networks screen, under Choose a Network…, select eduroam.
  3. You will be prompted for a username and password.
  4. Leave the Mode: Automatic.
  5. Accept the certificate prompt in the next window.

How do I log into eduroam on my iPhone?

What is network domain name?

A network domain is an administrative grouping of multiple private computer networks or local hosts within the same infrastructure. Domains can be identified using a domain name; domains which need to be accessible from the public Internet can be assigned a globally unique name within the Domain Name System (DNS).

How do I connect to eduroam UofT on Android?

Connect to the UofT wireless network on Android 10

  1. For EAP method, it should be PEAP.
  2. For Phase 2 authentication, it should be MSCHAPV2.
  3. For CA certificate choose Use system certificate.
  4. For Domain, type radius.wireless.utoronto.ca.
  5. In Identity, type your UTORid.
  6. In Password, type your password.