What is the Gcloud framework?

What is the Gcloud framework?

G-Cloud (RM1557. 12) is a framework where supplier cloud-based solutions are made available through a front-end Catalogue called the Digital Marketplace. G-Cloud framework is THE place to be, for companies who are thinking about selling their cloud-based solutions to the UK government.

What is government framework?

Governance frameworks are the structure of a government and reflect the interrelated relationships, factors, and other influences upon the institution. Governance structure is often used interchangeably with governance framework as they both refer to the structure of the governance of the organization.

What Cloud service does the UK government use?

GOV.UK PaaS is a cloud hosting platform that’s designed for the public sector. We take care of the hosting technology so you can focus on your applications and services.

How does the digital marketplace work?

Darragh: A digital marketplace is a platform creating a venue for both buyers and sellers to transact over a product or a service. It matches potential buyers of a service or a product with providers of that service or product.

What is the meaning of a call-off contract?

To put it as simply as possible, a call-off contract is: a contract between a supplier and buyer for the provision of services, goods or works. Another name for it that you might hear, but not as often, is ‘specific contract’.

Can you direct award on Gcloud?

G-Cloud 12 is solely a direct award catalogue-based framework, with no competitive tender procurement option. This means buyers can buy services without running a full OJEU procurement process each time.

When was G-cloud launched?

Since its launch in 2012, over £7 billion of cloud services have been purchased using the G-Cloud framework. With 5,224 suppliers awarded a place on G-Cloud 12, over 38,000 services are available for customers to access.

What are cloud security requirements?

The steps required to secure data in the cloud vary. Factors, including the type and sensitivity of the data to be protected, cloud architecture, accessibility of built-in and third-party tools, and number and types of users authorized to access the data must be considered.

Which is an example of an e marketplace?

Companies use online marketplaces to reach customers who want to purchase their products and services. Examples of online marketplaces include Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist.

What is a marketplace example?

Examples for marketplaces are large companies with huge inventories like Amazon, Rakuten or eBay or niche platforms like Etsy (handmade crafts), Runnics (sportswear for running) or Shop. Surf (Surf & Skate gear and fashion).

What is framework contracting?

framework contract means a contract whereby the procurement is made for a certain volume or quantity of a particular good, a set of goods, services or works over a specific period against an agreed sum or rate per item or lump sum.

What is the meaning of a call off contract?

What is AG cloud contract?

Description. G-Cloud 12 helps customers in the UK public sector find and buy cloud computing services. This agreement will run for 12 months from 28 September 2020. We may extend the agreement up to a maximum of 12 months after this date.

How many G-cloud 12 suppliers are there?

5,224 suppliers
The 12th iteration of the UK government’s G-Cloud procurement framework is now live, with 5,224 suppliers offering public sector IT buyers access to more than 38,000 cloud services through the Digital Marketplace.