What is the highest paid job in fashion in India?

What is the highest paid job in fashion in India?

15 highest paying fashion jobs

  • E-commerce manager.
  • Marketing manager.
  • Brand manager.
  • Art director.
  • Sourcing manager.
  • Product manager.
  • Creative director.
  • Design director.

How much do fashion marketers earn?

The salaries of Fashion Marketings in the US range from $10,831 to $284,514 , with a median salary of $51,968 . The middle 57% of Fashion Marketings makes between $51,968 and $129,344, with the top 86% making $284,514.

How much does a marketing job pay in India?

How much does a Marketing make in India? The average marketing salary in India is ₹ 450,000 per year or ₹ 231 per hour. Entry-level positions start at ₹ 300,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to ₹ 1,200,000 per year.

What do fashion marketers do?

A fashion marketer’s primary role is promoting a brand’s clothing and accessories. Fashion marketing can also include social media management, content marketing, or more in-depth work to create and lead multimedia marketing campaigns.

Can fashion designer earn in lakhs?

Fashion Designer Salary in India (per month) 15,000 to Rs. 35,000 per month, depending on the brand and the opportunity. Once you gain experience in the field, your salary can go up to 2 Lakhs per month. The job opportunities for fashion designers aren’t restricted to India alone.

Does marketing pay well in India?

The average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager (entry-level) is ₹5,48,755 per annum in India. Whereas, a Senior Digital marketing manager’s salary ranges between ₹7,09,800- ₹10 lakhs, who has over 5-9 years of experience in India.

How do I get a job in fashion marketing?

To become a fashion marketer, follow these steps:

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree. Fashion marketing typically requires a bachelor’s degree in marketing from an accredited school.
  2. Get an internship. Internships provide relevant experience that is useful when applying for jobs.
  3. Apply to marketing positions.

Which marketing jobs pay the most in India?

Top 10 Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs in India

  • SEM/SEO Specialists.
  • Content Strategists.
  • E-Commerce Specialist.
  • Brand Marketing Experts.
  • Social Media Marketers.
  • Digital Project Managers.
  • Marketing Analysts.
  • Visual Designers.