What is the main idea of the story The Wise Old Woman?

What is the main idea of the story The Wise Old Woman?

The theme of this story is that the elderly have more wisdom than most do, and that elders are not completely useless after all. It is the story of a young yet cruel and arrogant lord, who had made a decree, that anyone at the age of seventy-one or older must be left in the mountains to die.

What is the moral of The Wise Old Woman?

The theme of the Folktale “The Wise Old Woman”, by Yoshiko Uchida, will change the way that you regard the elderly. The theme was to commend the elderly for their wisdom. Yoshiko Uchida uses conflict and point of view to help readers understand a larger lesson about life, and learn more about human nature.

What is the setting of the story The Wise Old Woman?

Setting. Small village in the Western Hills of Japan.

Who are the two main characters in The Wise Old Woman?

Characters: The young farmer, the aged mother, the cruel lord, Lord Higa – the lord who wants to conquer, the villagers. Scenes: 1.

What is the conflict in the wise old woman?

In this story, there are two main conflicts: The cruel lord’s law on banishing the elderly, and the evil warlord Lord Higa’s riddles and impending invasion. Complications in the plot add complexity to the story. They help keep the reader interested.

What is the tone of the wise old woman?

The mood of the story at the beginning was sad because the young Lord had a rule that older people had to be sent away to a mountain to die. It was also sad because the farmer had to take his mother to the mountains himself. Then the mood changed when the farmer decided to take his mom back home and hide her.

How did the villagers respond to the decree in the wise old woman?

“What a dreadful decree! What a cruel and unreasonable lord we have,” the people of the village murmured. But the lord fearfully punished anyone who disobeyed him, and so villagers who turned seventy-one were tearfully carried into the mountains, never to return.

What is the resolution of the story The Wise Old Woman?

What is the resolution in the wise old woman? All the elders in the village can finally live happily and not in fear of turning 71.

What is the theme of the wise?

Countée Cullen’s “The Wise” consists of four three-line stanzas or tercets. The poem has the following unusual rime scheme: AAA BBB CCC DDD. The poem’s theme, expressed through a fantasy, suggests that the wise dead exist with immunity to the pain and anguish of living in the duality of an earthly life.

How does the old woman save the village?

How does the “old woman” thwart Lord Higa and save the village? What inference can you make about her from her ability to solve Lord Higa’s three difficult tasks? The “old woman ” thwarts Lord Higa, who wants to take over the village, by accomplishing the three seemingly impossible tasks that he has set down.

What message does the story give us the three races?

Answer: The message that this story gave us is that ‘A real hero is one who helps others to accomplish something.