What is the meaning of fronthaul?

What is the meaning of fronthaul?

Fronthaul, also known as mobile fronthaul, is a term that refers to the fiber-based connection of the cloud radio access network (C-RAN), a new type of cellular network architecture of centralized baseband units (BBUs) and remote radio heads (RRHs) at the access layer of the network.

What is the difference between CPRI and eCPRI?

The Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) is an interface that sends data from remote radio units to base station units. Enhanced CPRI (eCPRI) is a way of splitting up the baseband functions to reduce traffic strain on the fiber. Currently telcos use CPRI interface as fronthaul connection in 4G.

What is FHGW?

Nokia AirFrame Fronthaul Gateway (FHGW) is a network element enabling operators to manage radio equipment connections. FHGW connects legacy CPRI-based radios to the new Ethernet-based all-in-cloud BTS architecture, while the radio CPRI interfaces remaining unchanged.

Which of the following are Cloudran benefits?

The benefits of the C-RAN architecture for network operators are: Energy efficiency and power cost reduction With the centralized processing of the C-RAN architecture, the number of base station sites can be reduced by a factor of 10. Thus, air conditioning and other onsite power-consuming equipment can be reduced.

What does eCPRI stand for?

Enhanced Common Public Radio Interface
eCPRI: eCPRI stands for the Enhanced Common Public Radio Interface. The eCPRI is the successor of the CPRI and is becoming an essential part of the new technology to get a better understanding of the 5G and to get the enhanced speed of the 5G network too. Purpose Of Development Of eCPRI.

What is eCPRI protocol?

evolved Common Public Radio Interface (eCPRI) evolved Common Public Radio Interface (eCPRI) is a protocol, which will be used in fronthaul transport network. It will be included in standard Ethernet frames and UDP frames. There are 8 Message Types to decode with eCPRI Specification V1.

What is Nokia AirFrame?

Nokia AirFrame Rackmount is a high-performance and energy-efficient solution designed for scalable data centers and heavy workloads. The latest generation processors maximize platform’s speed and crucial computing performance.

What is Cpri in LTE?

The Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) standard defines the interface of base stations between the Radio Equipment Controllers (REC) in the standard, to local or remote radio units, known as Radio Equipment (RE).

What is RRH in telecom?

A remote radio head (RRH), also called a remote radio unit (RRU) in wireless networks, is a remote radio transceiver that connects to an operator radio control panel via electrical or wireless interface.

What is 5G AF?

AF (Application Function): It performs operations like accessing Network Exposure Function for retrieving resources, interaction with PCF for Policy Control, Applications Traffic Routing, Exposing services to End users, etc. It exposes the Application layer for interacting with 5G Network resources.

How can SDN work with MEC?

MEC coordinators can be integrated with the SDN controller to gather information from the network. The MEC coordinator can internally maintain a database of services available on the MEC servers. It can use the SDN controller to connect the right MEC server to an application request.

Did you mean CPRI?

CPRI (Common Public Radio Interface) is a specification for wireless communication networks that defines the key criteria for interfacing transport, connectivity and control communications between Baseband units (BBUs) and remote radio units (RRUs), which are also called remote radio heads (RRHs).

Is eCPRI proprietary?

eCPRI will be an open interface, making it easier for carriers to mix and match vendor equipment for their RRUs and their baseband units. Historically, because each vendor would have its own implementation of CPRI, it became proprietary, said Maupile.

What is open edge server?

Open edge server is a compact, high-performance server platform optimized for installation to edge sites, where facilities are limited in floor space, cooling capacity and power feed capacity. Main features of the Open edge server chassis. 2U or 3U high enclosure, Depth 430 mm. compatible with standard 19” mechanics.

What is BBU and RRU?

BBU (Baseband Unit): manages the whole base station, including operating maintenance as will as signal processing. RRU (Remote Radio Unit): interface with Antenna in one side and with BBU in the another side. Converts the RF signal into data signal and the vice versa. Filtering and amplification of RF signal.

What is RRH and BBU?

Basic Block diagram of RRH is as shown below: RRH is connected to the Base band unit (BBU) via optical cable. Optical cable is used because it has less loss and it is cheaper as compared to RF Coaxial cable. One base-band unit is connected to multiple RRHs depending upon the capability of base-band unit.