What is the meaning of love is a battlefield?

What is the meaning of love is a battlefield?

by Jessica Shelton · December 16, 2019. This song is based on the singer (Pat Benatar) acknowledging that “love is a battlefield”. Or perhaps a simpler way of looking at this statement is that she understands that there is a very-strong potential for heartbreak in romance.

Who is the guy in love is a battlefield?

actor Gary Chryst
Music video Later in the video, she witnesses the club owner (played by actor Gary Chryst) harassing another dancer. Benatar rounds up the women and leads a rebellion against him. As the club owner is cornered by the women against his will, he tries to seduce Benatar only to have her throw a drink in his face.

What album is love is a battlefield on?

Live from EarthLove Is a Battlefield / AlbumLive from Earth is the first live album by American rock singer Pat Benatar, and was released in October 15, 1983. The album was recorded during Benatar’s sold out ‘Get Nervous’ world tour in late 1982 and early 1983. Wikipedia

Who is the dad in love is a battlefield?

Trey Wilson
Pat Benatar: Love Is a Battlefield (Music Video 1983) – Trey Wilson as Father – IMDb.

Who sang battlefield?

Jordin SparksBattlefield / Artist

Who wrote battlefield?

Battlefield (song)

Length 4:01
Label Jive
Songwriter(s) Louis Biancaniello Ryan Tedder Sam Watters Wayne Wilkins
Producer(s) The Runaways

Why is love called a battlefield?

As singer Pat Benatar once noted, love is a battlefield . Such use of military words to express intimate, affectionate emotions is likely related to love’s capacity to bruise and confuse . So it was with the world’s first goddess of love and war, Ishtar, and her lover Tammuz.

When did love is a battlefield come out?

Love Is a Battlefield. It was released in September 1983 as a single from Benatar’s live album Live from Earth, though the song itself was a studio recording. The song was ranked at number 30 in VH1 ‘s list of the 100 Greatest Songs of the 1980s. “Love is a Battlefield” went on to sell over a million records.

What is the figurative device in the song Love is a battlefield?

This ​ figurative device ​ often is used in poems ​ to create vivid imagery. However, it ​ may be used in any kind of writing, from novels to songs. In the song ​ “Love Is a Battlefield” ​ by Pat Benatar, ​ love is compared to a war zone. In the song, ​ love is compared to a battleground.

Who is the actress who sings the song Love is a battlefield?

In the television series Drop Dead Diva the song is performed by the actresses Brooke Elliott and Faith Prince. It was also featured in the film 13 Going on 30, where “love is a battlefield” is the mantra of the main character Jenna Rink, played by Jennifer Garner.