What is the meaning of remoteness of damages?

What is the meaning of remoteness of damages?

The term ‘remoteness of damages’ refers to the legal test used for deciding which type of loss caused by the breach of contract may be compensated by an award of damages.

What are the principles of remoteness?

The principle of remoteness of damages is often assessed at the pleadings stage as it is essential that the Plaintiff only includes damages that are casually linked to its action against a delictual wrongdoer.

What is causation and remoteness of damage?

Causation is a matter of fact and requires the claimant to prove that the negligent act caused the damage complained of. The rules concerning remoteness of damage are a matter of law and broadly require the claimant to establish that the damage was of a kind which was reasonably foreseeable.

What is too remote?

The Test Of Reasonable Foresight If the consequences of a wrongful act could be foreseen by a reasonable man, then they are not too remote. If on the other hand, a reasonable man could not have foreseen the consequences, then they are too remote.

How do you establish remoteness of damage in tort?

The court found for the defendant, setting out a two-stage test for remoteness of damage. In order to be recoverable, the loss must be: either a normal result of the breach, or. one which, at the time of the contract, both parties would have contemplated as a probable result.

What is meant by remoteness at common law?

̶ Remoteness: defines the extent (scope) of liability. o Because causation test (‘but for’) is easily satisfied even in absurd circumstances (think of the simultaneous shooting case). o If pursued relentlessly, relatively insignificant defaults by the defendants could render the defendant.

What is the test for remoteness of damage in contract?

Test for remoteness of damages In the event of a breach of contract, a party will only be entitled to damages falling within one of these two categories: Damages arising naturally from the breach of contract (“Limb 1”); or. Damages in the reasonable contemplation of the parties at the time of contracting (“Limb 2”).

What is remoteness damages for breach of contract?

Remoteness of damages refers to the limiting point, beyond which damages which are attributable to the breach of contract, may not be recovered. Damage or “knock on” loss beyond this point, is said to be too remote. The claimant must prove his loss and prove that it falls within the above criteria.

What is another word for remoteness?

What is another word for remoteness?

aloofness detachment
impartiality indifference
neutrality nonpartisanship
objectivity preoccupation
reverie unconcern

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Is remoteness of damage part of a tort claim?

Remoteness of damage is treated by some judges and commentators as an aspect of legal causation. Others treat it as a separate element of the tort of negligence. It is often easier and less confusing to treat it as a separate element.

What is the principle of remoteness of damage?

Remoteness of damage is an interesting principle. Once the damage is caused by a wrong, there have to be liabilities. The question is how much liability can be fixed, and what factor determines it. The principle of Remoteness of Damages is relevant to such cases.

What is remoteness in law?

Remoteness is a legal principle that serves to limit the potential liability of a tortfeasor in practice (Elliot and Quinn, (2007), p104 et seq). The issue of remoteness arises on consideration of the fundamental question of legal causation, which involves an analysis of the operative cause of the harm suffered by the claimant in law.

How remote can damage be from the actual breach of duty?

We have already looked at causation, and the relevant factors, such as intervening acts and multiple causes. We said then that remoteness of damage came into those situations. The general principle here is that the damage cannot be too remote from the actual breach of duty.