What is the message of Chain of Fools?

What is the message of Chain of Fools?

“My father wrote this song about the cycle of property and slavery,” he told Songfacts. “The bicycle chain gave him the hook. He said he had to change the words to fit the public.” This won a Grammy for Best Female R&B Performance in 1969.

Who first sang Chain of Fools?

Aretha Franklin
“Chain of Fools” is a song written by Don Covay. Aretha Franklin first released the song as a single in 1967 and subsequently it appeared on many of her albums.

Where did Aretha Franklin record Chain of Fools?

Atlantic’s New York recording studio
Recorded on June 23, 1967, at Atlantic’s New York recording studio, “Chain of Fools” included the same personnel heard on her previous gold singles: the Muscle Shoals rhythm section, a tight horn section that included King Curtis, Franklin’s sisters Carolyn and Erma, and the Sweet Inspirations.

Who played drums on Chain of Fools?

Roger Hawkins
BLAIR: Roger Hawkins is one of Rolling Stone’s 100 greatest drummers of all time. The magazine singles out the intricate symbols he added to Aretha Franklin’s “Chain Of Fools.”

Is Chain of Fools major or minor?

You could say that the whole thing is in C minor, and conventional transcriptions of the tune write Cm7 throughout.

Who played Aretha Franklin’s guitar?

(CBS/AP) FORT WORTH, Texas – Cornell Dupree Jr., a guitarist who played in Aretha Franklin’s touring band, including on her 1971 album “Aretha Live at Fillmore West,” has died. He was 68.

Did the Swampers play on respect?

Roger Hawkins, the drummer in the legendary Swampers and Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section who played on hits like Aretha Franklin’s “Respect,” Wilson Pickett’s “Mustang Sally,” and Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman,” has died at the age of 75. The Muscle Shoals Music Foundation announced Hawkins’ death Thursday.

How old is Roger Hawkins?

75 years (1945–2021)Roger Hawkins / Age at death

WHEN DID Chain of Fools come out?

1968Chain of Fools / Released

Who danced to Chain of Fools?

Aretha Franklin | Chain Of Fools || John Travolta Dance || – YouTube.

Did Eric Clapton play with Aretha Franklin?

Then-22-year-old guitar maestro lends his skills to an Aretha Franklin masterpiece. In December 1967, while he was still a member of Cream, 22-year-old British guitar phenom Eric Clapton was brought into a recording studio in the U.S. and asked to add a guitar part to Franklin’s powerful “Good to Me As I Am to You.”

Who plays bass think Aretha?

“Think” – Jerry Jemmott (1968) He largely passed the bass torch to a young Jerry Jemmott, who told us about recording the number one hit “Think” in a 2012 interview.

Are the Swampers from Muscle Shoals still alive?

According to our news partners at Times Daily, Beckett died in 2009, and Johnson died in 2019, leaving Hood as the last remaining Swamper alive. The funky sound that came from Hawkins and the rest of the Muscle Shoals Sound Rhythm Section brought artists from all around the country to the small town in Alabama.

Who died Muscle Shoals?

Blue for Harley: Muscle Shoals High School remembering student who died in car wreck. MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WAFF) – The halls of Muscle Shoals High School were flooded blue in remembrance of 15-year-old Harley Scruggs who once walked these halls too.