What is the minimum passing score for CFA Level 2?

What is the minimum passing score for CFA Level 2?

CFA Level 2 Passing Score For the second level of the CFA, you will need a score of at least 65% to have a good chance of passing, although from year to year any score under 70% can be a pass or fail based on that year’s weighted scoring.

Did CFA get harder?

The CFA ® exams have never been easy to pass, but as many of you reading this site will be aware, they have been harder to pass than ever since the pandemic.

Is CFA Level 2 difficult?

The CFA Level II exam is fairly difficult and asks you to apply concepts, rather than just understand them. So, it’s critical that you spend time on practicing and taking sample tests while reviewing the areas where you are weak throughout your preparation. Best of luck on the exam!

Does CFA Level 2 expire?

You can register yourself for Level II as soon as the day after you get your results. Or, you can opt to take a break. Remember, your results will never expire! If you want to get a baseline score before you take the CFA Level I exam, take our mock exam first!

Is 4 months enough for CFA Level 2?

Yes, 4 months is a good enough time. However, CFA level 2 is tough and requires dedicated preparation and a strategy.

Does CFA Level 2 increase salary?

1) Having a CFA Charter increases average salary by 53% In 2022, candidates who passed CFA Level 1 on average experienced a 29% increase, whereas candidates that passed CFA Level 2 saw an average increase by 34% to their total compensation.

Will CFA Level 2 be offered in December?

Level II will be offered three times a year in February, August, and November 2022. Level III of the CFA exam will be offered twice a year in May and August/September 2022.

Is 300 hours enough for CFA Level 2?

How many hours do I need to study for CFA Level 2? Based on CFA Institute’s June 2019 Candidate Survey, the average Level 2 candidate studied for 328 hours. However, based on our experience to increase chances of passing, studying for a minimum of 350 hours over 4-6 months is more common.