What is the most densely populated city in China?

What is the most densely populated city in China?

Chongqing is Mainland China’s most densely populated city. Chongqing Municipality’s main city is sucking in its 30-million+ provincial population into an area constricted by mountains and the Yangtze River — so high-rise dominates.

What are the 5 largest populated cities in China?

China cities and towns by urban population (2020-2021)

  • Shanghai – 24,870,895.
  • Beijing – 21,893,095.
  • Guangzhou – 18,810,600.
  • Shenzhen – 17,560,000.
  • Chengdu – 16,935,567.
  • Chongqing – 16,382,000.
  • Tianjin – 13,866,009.
  • Wuhan – 10,892,900.

What is the poorest city in China?

Guizhou has the largest poverty population, with 2.95 million. Xinjiang has the highest poverty rate, which is 9.9 per cent. Gansu, Guizhou, Tibet and Yunnan also have a poverty rate above 7 per cent.

Is Beijing is the most densely populated?

One of the most densely populated in China With only Shanghai outranking it, Beijing is one of the most densely populated cities in the China. Almost 6,000 people live per square kilometer in Beijing.

What is the most densely populated city in Asia?

The UN’s Habitat data, collected from national census offices, gives the number one spot to Dhaka, with a density of 44,500 people per sq km. It’s mostly Asian cities in the top of the list: Mumbai is second, while Manila is fourth, with Singapore high up as well.

Which city has the lowest population density?

1. Yukon-Koyukuk, Alaska, had a population of 5,230 and a population density of 0.04 people per square mile in 2019.

Is China the most densely populated country?

The European city-state of Monaco is the most densely populated country with a population density of 26,523 people per sq. km (68,696/sq mile), and its population only numbers in thousands. The Chinese territory of Macau has the world’s 2nd highest population density at 22,020/km².

Is Singapore densely populated?

With an urban population of around 5.69 million people in 2020 and a land area of approximately 720 square kilometers, Singapore was the third most densely populated territory in the world.

Is Manila the most densely populated city in the world?

With 71,263 people per square kilometer, Manila is the most densely populated city proper in the world.

Which country is not densely populated?

1. Greenland. The island nation of Greenland, 80% of which is covered by a massive glacier, is the 12th largest country in the world by area, but the least densely populated.