What is the mum dog called in 101 Dalmatians?

What is the mum dog called in 101 Dalmatians?

In the original story of 101 Dalmatians, Pongo and his mate, Missis Pongo, had a litter of fifteen puppies. They were later joined by Perdita, a mother Dalmatian whose puppies had been sold (to Cruella de Vil, although this was not known at the time).

How many puppies does Perdita give birth to in 101 Dalmatians?

fifteen puppies
One Hundred and One Dalmatians In the first film, Perdita gives birth to a litter of fifteen puppies who are later kidnapped by two criminals named Jasper and Horace, who were actually hired by Cruella De Vil.

Who was Anita to Cruella?

Anita is the wife of Roger Radcliffe and owner of Perdita. She is sweet, kind and smart. She is also shown to be devoted to her husband, and loving toward Perdita, Pongo, and the puppies. The first film establishes that she is was a schoolmate to Cruella de Vil, and the two apparently shared a friendship at one point.

Why did Cruella give Roger and Anita puppies?

It does set up a clear motive behind her desire to kill Dalmatians in particular (they murdered her supposed mother), but then never suggests she would ever harm the animals. Instead, she adopts them as her own and cares for them, giving two puppies as gifts.

What are the names of the female puppies in 101 Dalmatians?

Female 101 Dalmatians Dog Names

Votes Name
4 Cadpig One of the Dalmatian puppies
4 Lucy A female goose
3 Penny A cute little Dalmatian puppy
3 Fidget One of Dalmatian puppies, good name for a busy pup

How did Roger revive the puppy?

In 101 Dalmations, a newly-born puppy is brought to his dalmatian father Pongo and owner Roger – and is brought back to life with vigorous rubbing from his human master, much to the relief of anxious Pongo.