What is the north west region of France called?

What is the north west region of France called?

Brittany, French Bretagne, Breton Breiz, région of France encompassing the northwestern départements of Ille-et-Vilaine, Morbihan, Côtes-d’Armor, and Finistère. Brittany is bounded by the régions of Basse-Normandie to the northeast and Pays de la Loire to the east.

What cities are in north west France?


  • Dinan.
  • Vannes.
  • Nantes.
  • Saint-Malo.
  • Angers.
  • Brest.
  • Concarneau.
  • Belle Île.

Where is North Western France?

North West France is an area that includes Brittany in the west and Normandy in the east. It stretches down the Atlantic Coast via the Western Loire to the beaches of the Poitou Charentes. Inland, the Loire Valley, Le Mans and Angers are included in this area.

What is the northern part of France?

Hauts-de-France (French pronunciation: [o də fʁɑ̃s] ( listen); Picard: Heuts-d’Franche; lit. ‘Heights of France’, also Upper France) is the northernmost region of France, created by the territorial reform of French regions in 2014, from a merger of Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy. Its prefecture is Lille.

Are there provinces in France?

But aside from dairy products, France also has 22 administrative regions, 96 départements, and 450 provinces. These pays, also known as “natural regions,” are used to describe small territories spanning fifteen square miles on average.

What is a city in the north of France?

Calais and its lace museum (the Calais lace so dear to Kate Middleton), Lille and its famous “Vieux Lille” (old Lille) district, Arras and its Louvre-Lens, Boulogne-sur-Mer and its national centre for the sea called “Nausicaa”, Laon – cherished by Victor Hugo –, Chantilly and its château, Amiens and its cathedral, the …

Which region of France is the prettiest?

Sénanque Abbey, Provence The seemingly endless stretches of lavender make Provence one of the prettiest (and best-smelling) places in France.

What is North France known for?

To the north, dazzling monuments stand out: the splendid Gothic cathedral of Amiens, Arras square with its Flemish Baroque influences, and Renaissance-inspired Chateau de Chantilly. Plus the most important military cemetery in France!

How many provinces are in France?

This page provides summary descriptions of France’s 22 provincial regions, listing geographic size, population figures, administrative capitals, and brief information on resources and economy.

How many provinces has France?

450 provinces
But aside from dairy products, France also has 22 administrative regions, 96 départements, and 450 provinces.

What is provincial France?

Provincial France covers all the regions of Metropolitan France less the Ile de France region.

What are the names of provinces in France?

Regions of France between 2011 and 2015

Region French name Capital
Lower Normandy Basse-Normandie Caen
Midi-Pyrénées Midi-Pyrénées Toulouse
Nord-Pas-de-Calais Nord-Pas-de-Calais Lille
Pays de la Loire Pays de la Loire Nantes

How many provinces does France have?

Which is the most northern French city?

Boulogne-sur-Mer (French: [bulɔɲ syʁ mɛʁ] ( listen); Picard: Boulonne-su-Mér; Dutch: Bonen; Latin: Gesoriacum or Bononia), often called just Boulogne (UK: /bʊˈlɔɪn/, US: /buːˈloʊn, buːˈlɔɪn/), is a coastal city in Northern France. It is a sub-prefecture of the department of Pas-de-Calais.