What is the postal code in Bhaktapur Nepal?

What is the postal code in Bhaktapur Nepal?

44800Bhaktapur / Zip code

What is the postal code of M?

Minnesota – postal codes

Place Code
1 Stillwater 55082
2 Bayport 55003

What is Nepal’s postal code?

The postal code for Kathmandu is 44600, the postal code for Pokhara is 33700, the postal code for Chitwan is 44200, for Lumbini is 32914 and for overall the commonly used postal code of Nepal is 00977. G.P.O. W.R.P.D. A.P.O.

What is the postal code of Nairobi County?

The Nairobi ZIP code is quite easy to remember – 00100.

Which province is Bhaktapur?

Bagmati Province

Bhaktapur District
Country Nepal
Province Bagmati Province
Headquarters Bhaktapur

How many Municipality are there in Bhaktapur?

Under the political/administrative division, there are 6 municipalites-Bhaktapur, Madhyapur, Anantalingeshwor, Suryavinayak, Nagarkot & Changunaryan. There are two electoral constituencies. Constituency No. 1 includes Changunarayan, Nagarkot Municipalities, 1-6 wards of Madhyapur Municipality and ward no.

How do I write a postal address in Nepal?

Nepali Address Format You can write the recipient’s name, and afterward, house number, street number, city, locality, province, postal code will be registered. The order can be changed as well.

Which zone is Bhaktapur?

Bagmati zone
Bhaktapur district is located in the eastern part of Kathmandu valley, Central region, Bagmati zone. It is the smallest district of Nepal.

What is Bhaktapur state?

Bhaktapur is the smallest district of Nepal, which occupies an area of 119 square kilometres. It is surrounded by Kavrepalanchwok District in the east, Kathmandu and Lalitpur District in the west, Kathmandu and Kavrepalanchwok District in the north and Lalitpur District in the south.

What is Bhaktapur Municipality?

“City of Devotees”), known locally as Khwopa (Nepal Bhasa: 𑐏𑑂𑐰𑐥𑑅 𑐡𑐾𑐫𑑂‎, Khopa Déy), is a city in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal located about 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) from the capital city, Kathmandu. In terms of area, Bhaktapur is the smallest city of Nepal.

What is the area of Bhaktapur municipality?

2.66 mi²Bhaktapur / Area