What is the price of rice cooker?

What is the price of rice cooker?

Rice Cookers Price List

S.no Products – Rice Cookers Price
1 Panasonic 1.8 litres Rice Cooker, SR-WA18 (GE9) ₹1,699.00
2 Kelvinator Rice Cooker KRCO001182B with 700W, Stainless… ₹1,999.00
3 Prestige 1.8 litres Rice Cooker, PRWO 1.8 – 2 ₹2,499.00
4 Bajaj 1.8 litres Rice Cooker, RCX 1.8 DUO ₹2,399.00

What is the price of Bajaj rice cooker?

Bajaj Electric Cookers Price in India

Best Bajaj Electric Cookers Models Price
Bajaj Majesty RCX28 Rice Cooker ₹3445
Bajaj Majesty RCX21 Multifunction 1.8 L Rice Cooker ₹2999
Bajaj RCX28 Dx 2.8 Litre Electric Rice Cooker ₹3780
Bajaj Majesty RCX21 Dlx 550W Electric Cooker ₹2899

Which watt rice cooker is best?

Best Electric Rice Cookers

  • Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 700 Watts Digital Electric Cooker With two Aluminum Cooking Pans.
  • Bajaj RCX 5 1.8 Litre Rice Cooker.
  • Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker Cute 1.8-2 (700 Watts) With 2 Aluminium Cooking Pans.
  • Panasonic SR-WA22H(E) 5.4 Litre Automatic Rice Cooker.

Is electric rice cooker good for health?

rice cooked by the electric cooker has the following advantages. 1. The rice made in the electric cooker is healthier than the normal boiled rice. It is rich in protein, carbohydrate, minerals and other vitamins….

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Which is the best electric rice cooker in India?

Best electric rice cookers in India in 2022

  • Panasonic 2.2-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker.
  • Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 Delight Electric Rice Cooker.
  • PHILIPS Electric Rice Cooker.
  • Bajaj 1.8L Rice Cooker, White.
  • Preethi 1800 ml Double Pan Rice Cooker, White.
  • Panasonic SR-WA18 E 4.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker.

What is the safest rice cooker?

10 Best Non-teflon Rice Cookers

Aroma Housewares Simply Stainless 14-Cup (Cooked) (7-Cup UNCOOKED) Rice Cooker, Stainless Steel… Buy on Amazon
Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer, 3-Cups (uncooked), Stainless Black Buy on Amazon
High-Fired VitaClay 2-in-1 Rice N Slow Cooker in Clay Pot Buy on Amazon

Is 3-cup rice cooker enough?

If you only cook about 1-2 cups of rice daily, a 3-cup rice cooker would be the most suitable size for you. If you cook around 2-5 cups of rice, a 5-cup cooker would be most suitable. And finally, if you cook any more than 5 cups, then a 10-cup cooker would be most suitable.

What size rice cooker should I buy?

Which metal is best for cooker?

Aluminium is a great conductor of heat. This will allow the pressure cooker to heat up quickly and cook your food faster.