What is the quietest hamster wheel?

What is the quietest hamster wheel?

The best silent hamster wheel While any wheel has the potential to become noisy if it starts to rust or accumulates debris, some hamster wheels are specially designed to run quietly. Our top pick for the best silent hamster wheel is the Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner.

Do they make a quiet hamster wheel?

Silent Spinner is the wonderful, whisper quiet workout wheel for dwarf hamsters and mice. Patented ball bearing technology makes these wheels super silent. Silent Spinners work two ways: free standing or attach directly to any wire cage.

How much is a silent hamster wheel?

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Is the flying saucer hamster wheel silent?

Innovative in design, this small Flying Saucer will put a stop to that noisy problem. This super silent spinning saucer is suitable for gerbils, mice and dwarf hamsters. The safest exercise toy in the world, it is totally tail safe with no cross bars or wire rungs.

How can I make my hamster be quiet?

Housing your hamster in a durable plastic enclosure can greatly reduce nighttime gnawing noises. Including nontoxic chew toys in his cage to keep him quietly entertained at night can also help.

How do I stop my hamster from running on his wheel at night?


  1. Change the Hamster Cage Location.
  2. Choose A Proper Exercise Wheel.
  3. Choose The Right Kind Of Hamster Cage.
  4. Tire Your Hamster Out.
  5. Ensure a Regular Hamster Sleep Schedule.
  6. Lubricate the Wheel.
  7. Remove The Wheel As A Temporary Solution.
  8. Look for Alternatives To A Plastic Wheel.

How can I make my hamster wheel quieter?

How To Make A Hamster Wheel Quiet

  1. Relocate the cage to a more quiet location.
  2. Replace the wheel with a silent one.
  3. Insulate the hamster cage.
  4. Lubricate the wheel.
  5. Give your hamster a mansion.

Are saucers or wheels better for hamsters?

It is the perfect recipe for poor muscle development and joint issues. Flying saucers, if you wish, are perfectly fine for the occasional playtime fun and if used this way, won’t cause your pet any harm. But they should not be provided without limitations, and/or used in replacement of a traditional, upright wheel.

Do all hamster wheels make noise?

Since there are old traditional metal wheels that can be quite loud, some manufacturers realized what every hamster lover needs and made those silent hamster wheels. These silent hamster wheels are specifically designed to reduce the noise as much as possible. They have solid running surface without pinch areas.

How do I make my hamster wheel quieter?

How do I get my hamster to shut up?

How to Get Your Hamster to Be Quiet at Night

  1. Respect your hamster’s sleep schedule.
  2. Choose the cage location wisely.
  3. Choose the right kind of exercise wheel.
  4. Choose the right kind of hamster cage.
  5. Play with your hamster just before you go to bed.

Are hamster wheels cruel?

If you own a breed of hamster that enjoys living together, such as Robos, hamster wheels can be extremely dangerous. It’s not uncommon for cage mates to run under the wheel while another hamster is running on it. This can lead to broken bones, internal organ damage and even death.

What is a good size wheel for a dwarf hamster?

It’s a 6-inch wheel that is perfect for dwarf hamsters and the lightweight design doesn’t take up much room in a cage. Your hamster won’t be able to chew through this wheel which will help it last a little longer however some hamster keepers report that this wheel does have a tendency to start squeaking after a while.

How do I keep my hamster quiet at night?

How do you teach a hamster its name?

Hold out your hand with a treat in it, then call your hamster’s name. Say its name slowly and clearly. If your hamster does not immediately come over, call its name again and reposition your hand so that the treat is more visible. Then, as your hamster approaches, repeat its name using the same inflection.

How do you wake up a hamster gently?

To wake up your hamster without scaring it, start by slowly approaching its cage. Then, try talking in a soft voice or humming to wake up your hamster. You can also try holding a treat close to where your hamster is sleeping to wake it up. If that doesn’t work, gently blow on its face.

How do you soundproof a hamster cage?

How to Soundproof a Hamster Cage in 4 Easy Steps!

  1. Get a wooden or plastic exercise wheel. Wooden and plastic exercise wheels are much quieter than those made from other materials.
  2. Replace the cage with a habitat or aquarium.
  3. Cover the cage/habitat/aquarium.
  4. White noise.